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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Work with game data has completely been moved to launcher level.

    Previously, XL Games lib was used, due to that, it was unstable in some cases. We analyzed the structure of the game data and added a fix of the issue that could occur due to the logical sector size.

    The following changes were made:
    • Players that had some issues with Torrent or Direct Download download, installation and updates should no longer experience them.

    • Players that had false positive Anti-virus alerts should not experience them anymore.

    • Repair process was improved. Now it compare not only the check sum from file list but also calculate the physical check sum of the file.
      In case of the files modification warning, players will no longer need to reinstall the client but can use a "Repair" launcher button to have it fixed.

    • Launcher was also modified for players who use two monitors. Launcher will no longer open in the middle of 2 screens for such players but will be displayed on the Main monitor screen.
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  2. Diarmada

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    That's great! Thank you so much for the Launcher changes!!
  3. Lasreaine

    Lasreaine New Member

    Thank you! This fixed myloading issues, and the launcher displays in the middle of one screen now, love it!

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