Luna gems.

Discussion in 'Archerage world' started by Harlot, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Harlot

    Harlot Member

    Does anyone have a guide for lunagems
    . When it comes to the crafted / loyalty gems. Like how many socket for free and the % to fail or succeed
  2. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    First 2 are garrenteed to socket. After that they can break it's all RNG based. What most people do is socket the first 2 with tier 3 gems them use the unbreakable prestise gems.
  3. Harlot

    Harlot Member

    Thank you for the reply. Just to confirm that applies to both loyalty and the tier 3 gems right
  4. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Yes it's across the board the first 2 gems will always socket 100 percent.
  5. Harlot

    Harlot Member

    Thank you <3
  6. Nerotos

    Nerotos New Member

    When You fail from the third gem and it break it breaks all gems including the first two?
  7. Insidiouschicken

    Insidiouschicken New Member

    That is correct.
  8. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    Just a little side not, it is correct yes, but there are gems that only break themselves. They are called Refined Lunagems. However, they take high handicraft proficiency to craft and have a high chance of breaking themselves when more gems are already slotted.

    There are also Lunascales from the guild store, they don't break anything, ever.

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