Picking my class.

Discussion in 'Skills and Classes' started by Ska, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Ska

    Ska New Member

    Hello Guys
    So i just started playing the game and it's super fun
    I wanted to play a tank class so i chose battlerage and defense but i cant decide on the 3rd class
    Any suggestions would be great!
    and if anyone could provide a build for the class they pick .that would be super helpful :)

    thank you in advance
  2. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    There's not really a "tank" class, as the aggro system here is laughable and taunts don't do much and last a short period of time. That being said, if you want to mix Battlerage/Defense with something...
    Good third skillsets:
    Grab Auramancy as your third class to round out your mobility and magic defensiveness.
    Grab Vitalism if you want a bit of self-sustain.
    Grab Shadowplay if you want to be sneaky and get a bit more synergy with your damage.
    Grab Occultism or Witchcraft for some rather annoying CC most meta classes don't have a lot of counters to.

    Bad third skillsets:
    Grab Songcraft if you want to confuse your enemies and yourself in the process.
    Grab Archery if you hate your life and everything you think you hold dear.
    Don't grab Sorcery. Just don't.
  3. Ska

    Ska New Member

    Thanks,I'll go for auramancy for now just knew i could change classes so its perfect i'll try all of them

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