Punishment for afking in arenas.

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Should there be a punishment for afking in arenas.

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  1. Yes.

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  2. No

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  1. Quarki

    Quarki New Member

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  2. Quarki

    Quarki New Member

    So the devs are open for some kind of punishment for people who afk in arenas.
  3. izeek95

    izeek95 New Member

    for 3v3 yes but not for solos
  4. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    no, there should not be a punishment. i hate to see it as much as you do but it's the devs fault.
    how many times have you seen yourself queue up, nothing happens for 5-10minutes, you forget about it, go grab some food/water, take a toilet break, tab out. you go back to archeage and realize it threw you in.

    the only and by only i do mean ONLY way to fix afk's in my eyes is to stop throwing people into arenas when the pop up times out.
    players should be forced to accept the invite to enter the arena, and not be thrown in when they don't click anything

    (speaking of actual afk's here and not people refusing to play)
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  5. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    All they need to do is implement the menu system for arenas the same way the Jury works. If Jury pops and you don't confirm the window, it kicks you out of the queue. I have no idea why queuing for arenas puts you in the arena even if you press nothing, but it shouldn't be that way at all.
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  6. Kasiiama

    Kasiiama New Member

    I would like to clarify, I think only afking in 3v3/5v5/boat should be punishable. To prevent screwing over other people. the solo ones. IDC if people afk.

  7. Skyler

    Skyler New Member

    Best solution! Thumbs up!
    No need for a punishment if they get kicked out of the queue
  8. COLDF13ND

    COLDF13ND Member

    Implement both. Require players to click the pop up to enter and dock them honor points if they enter and AFK in 3v3 because at that point it's deliberate.
  9. Quarki

    Quarki New Member

    In 1v1 i dont see the issue but when you que 3s or anything els team based it always sucks when someone is afk
  10. EatMyDust

    EatMyDust New Member

    I agree with the above posts on 3v3. I don't personally play 3v3, but I have played it enough to know that having an afk team member really sucks because it's unfair for the side with less people playing. In addition, if devs take a look at this, I would have another suggestion to make for 1v1 gladiator/sparring/etc.

    Could you PLEASE do something about sore losers in 1v1 arenas? It's very discouraging to go into an arena, ready to battle, when the other side gets salty and decides to teleport away and stealth for the entire duration of the arena. It's incredibly demoralizing because it discourages players from wanting to que. I play paladin (which isn't a common class), and there are plenty of people that see me and just backdrop/teleport/stealth/BEL/mirror warp etc and I have to just run around like an idiot until time runs out, I catch them and work them down eventually, or just give up and take a draw/loss/win. Sure, you can argue I play a cheese class. But Darkrunners are the most common types of people that do this to me, and DR is the biggest cheese class of them all.

    I'm not entirely sure what should be done to avoid indirectly affecting classes.
    - I know stealth duration is reduced in arena's, perhaps shortening it a bit more?
    - Perhaps adding a timer that starts when players remain out of combat for at least x amount of time, and if they remain out of time for an x amount of time more, teleport both players back to the middle? Or perhaps teleport both into a cage, or something to that effect.

    The arena was designed to be big to allow movement and utilization of skills, but I'd argue that intentional stalling and avoiding/afk is not something that should be part of the arena.

    Please note that I'm not complaining about my class lacking mobility versus others, I'm merely asking for something to be done about these salty, immature players that waste my time (as well as others, I'm sure this doesn't happen to only me). I never saw a reason to bring this up as I thought since live admins didn't do anything, neither will AR admins. But because there's hope for your request, perhaps they'll look at this too. Thanks for raising this issue!
  11. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    Stop taking vitalism with the infinite mana passive into sparring arenas. Issue fixed.
  12. lightsenshi6

    lightsenshi6 Member

    Why do you say this?
  13. COLDF13ND

    COLDF13ND Member

    Because most people don't care if their opponent AFKs in 1v1, but if you AFK in 3v3 you're hurting your team.
  14. EatMyDust

    EatMyDust New Member

    I don't have infinite mana. I frequently lose to a good defiler because of the mana drain they have. As mentioned, that's not my point but you can take it that way if you wish.
  15. COLDF13ND

    COLDF13ND Member

    I fought a healer in 1v1 balanced the other day as a DR and was unable to kill them despite attacking flat out and using all my cc to max effect. Maybe I'm just rusty, or maybe healers are OP in 1v1, but I can certainly sympathize with someone stealthing until the timer runs out because they feel like they have no chance of winning in a balanced match. I wouldn't do it because I'd rather just get it over with, but you can't really get upset with people who do.

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