Quest Assistance - Dangerous Journey - 4 Islands?

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Hazzah, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Hazzah

    Hazzah New Member

    Don't see any quest help threads so sorry if this shouldn't be here.

    I'm doing the dangerous journey quest (main quest line?) and I have to plant four signs on islands - can only find three?

    First question is should I even be doing this?
  2. LegionariuS

    LegionariuS New Member

    don't worry mate mark the 3 spots on the island then in about an hour or so go in one of the 3 islands in rebuild the sign and u got 4's a stupid thing and i opened a ticket for it but no one ever answered
  3. Hazzah

    Hazzah New Member

    Cheers mate - it got sorted. I went to an island for something else and found it.
  4. Draganta

    Draganta New Member

    To add to what Legionarius said you can go to the 3 island then as you build the sign on the 3rd go back to the first and it would be re-spawned no need to wait whole hour and travel to the islands again.

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