Ravenspine wings (discussion thread)

Discussion in 'Game Debates' started by Sparkle, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Dear ArcheRagers!

    We plan to add one of well-known for you gliders - Ravenspine Wings.

    We think this glider needs some changes in its skills as previously introduced on AA Live servers version is very imbalanced and game ruining. We already have our own idea regarding the changes, but prior implementation, we'd like to hear your thoughts regarding the skills changes (cut).

    Important! Final decision on the glider changes still remains with Administration.
  2. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Remove the invuln from it entirely or don't add it at all. This glider ruined small scale PvP. Would be nice to see what the changes are first before saying anything though. It's a nice looking glider, terribly OP.
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  3. zarrya

    zarrya New Member

    Bring back the sloth glider instead
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  4. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    Everything Epic said. That glider helped exacerbate the fall in PVP quality on retail.
  5. Jet

    Jet New Member

    No invuln pls
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  6. Borcha

    Borcha Member

    Never really got into AA PvP, I was bad at it, lacked the gear, and don't have 'Kooncoon Response Times'. The few times I did PvP, or get caught up in it, I often saw people flying around/away using the Ravenspire wings when things got too hairy. (Wasn't lucky enough to have them to save myself.) Sorry, rambling- What I'm trying to say is: I think removing the invuln on it would remove the ability for people to retreat to a Nui statue, which is good for PvP.
  7. Kathrann

    Kathrann Member

    Without invuln, they are pointless. Perhaps limit the duration, and lengthen the cd, but remove that feature and there is no use for them at all.
  8. Peep

    Peep Active Member

    I'd say just release it as an image item, copy the astra wings skills, or just give it a skill similar to the flame feather and night fire gliders.
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  9. therealdeal

    therealdeal New Member

    Just release the wings "vanilla" and put it in the loyalty shop. That way everyone can have them and there will be no "imbalance" or "game ruining" :D
  10. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    You're kidding right ? There are 100 gliders that do the same thing so we should just remove them ? People might like the look of them or how it flys
  11. therealdeal

    therealdeal New Member

    Then they should release a "pretty" version for the RPers out there, and a usefull version like the retail one.
  12. Chicken

    Chicken New Member

    How about this, keep the "wing" abilities the boost, the ability to sit completely still, etc. Remove the invincibility because it is kinda bs for pvpers. Then add the same skill from the sloth glider to it.

    Edit: I also stand with the idea of shorting the duration and increasing the cooldown. That would be acceptable in my book too.
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  13. Bardregan

    Bardregan New Member

    +1. I'd love to get my hands on that "backdrop" ability but didn't even know about the server until they had already rotated out. Nowadays, wrapped ones are so rare that the cost for one is insane. I'd pay close to 10,000g for the wings if they had the same ability - but not 20k, which is what the most recent sloth sold for. The wings would also suit my character's aesthetic more than the sloth. :p
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  14. Nerdwaffen

    Nerdwaffen Member

    I want Ravenspine Wings <3
  15. Remix

    Remix New Member

    I've already said I want the Ravenspine wings. and yes, I do want them for the inuue ability. The most common argument I hear about the glider is that it bad for pvp but, the sloth glider and other cashshop items are already doing the same thing people are complaining about. low on health? use the sloth glider to disengage and reset the fight. low on health and got pursuers? use the sloth glider to disengage and the goblin glider to get out of render range. low on health again? use the cashshop costume to get a third health pot. The cashshop has already influenced the way people pvp in this game anyway and saying "This one item will be the downfall of 1v1" is silly when compared to what we already got in the game.

    With that being said, I am also willing to settle for a nerfed version of the ravinespine wings. Give it something like a 40-45% rng chance to proc the imuue and I would still try to get it.
  16. elfghost

    elfghost New Member

    The glider does nothing bad to pvp the people crying about wanting changes cant pvp in the first place. I say leave it and let people learn to deal with things.
  17. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    I think that either switching the invulnerability to be like ezi's glider, where its an ability you have to cast, or removing the invulnerability all together would be a good idea. Or using ravenspine wings acts like the Insulating Lense ability where it absorbs 2000 damage and increases your physical defense while the buff is up.

    I personally never experienced the Ravenspine Wings on live, because I didn't play live long enough for them to be implemented, but we have a lot of anecdotal evidence from veteran players that shows that it was very unhealthy for pvp. These are players that are extremely experienced with pvp saying this, and even I can see how they are bad for pvp. You can even just look up "Ravenspine Wings" on google and see so many people complaining about it. This server will only continue to improve as long as we keep learning from and correcting the mistake on live, so I implore you to be more open to change! :)
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  18. Remloss

    Remloss Member

    Please remove / replace invul
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  19. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    General consensus here is either remove the invince on take off entirely or modify it so you don't have a 100 invulnerable takeoff
  20. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Pretty much, small scale PvP all anyone has to do is glide, scream for a heal, land and repeat. Healer gets low, glides, screams for heal. etc etc.

    Makes it impossible to win small scale PvP if one side has a healer, what makes it different than an Ezi is that its instant invince, and you get to sit in one spot, not like the Ezi where you are forced to glide in a certain direction.

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