Rewards for transferring and keep staying with us players!

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. stronghart

    stronghart Member

    The itens that Veterans player received was a bunch of trash, why would I playing from almost one year would use a 30-day mount? Most of us already have Timbers and Haulers...
  2. snownova

    snownova Member

    it was a bonus for playing, maybe just be happy? Not like they are going to gift out a Mystic weapon of choice or something that would break the game mechanics....
  3. stronghart

    stronghart Member

    You dont need to give Mytic set, but you dont need to give useless itens to players that obviouly wont use it, you have a bunch of decorations, costumes and etc to give to ppl and wont give any advantage of PvP and wont go from mail directly to trash.

    Fireworks you can get for free most of the low level maps or buy for a pity price on Mirage...
    Why give a 30-day mount to a 2.9 player? A permanent carrot dash wont break the game on accounts that already gonna have better hauling options.
  4. Samia

    Samia New Member

    Reza submitted pictures for our group from live, and I got my friend (Ben) to make an account here two days ago, but Reza said that he was told that Ben's account was made before the 18th. Should Ben send you the account confirmation email he got to prove the account is new so we can get the party reward? We can take new screenshots, but we are not 55 yet.
  5. ToSete

    ToSete New Member

    I'm very sad with that rewards. I played the server during the first and second months, but I had a "change" in my job and had to stop.
    I was thinking about back to the game, but there are no rewards for returns ... I logged in to check the server 2~3 months ago and yesterday.

  6. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Any doubts, questions, confirmations regarding the party reward/members, party leader needs to send me in Contact Moderators and will be checked and replied there.
  7. Cryptic_Curse

    Cryptic_Curse New Member

    I mean I joined the 15th.... will i still get less now for the 3 days?
  8. Mim

    Mim Active Member

    The Vet rewards are mostly garbage, just like the first veteran box that was introduced.
    Clearly the box was thrown together with a bunch of SPRING THEMED garbage, near the end of summer, that is obsolete to the 2.9 players.

    I don't care that new players get a bunch of stuff. They will probably end up quitting anyway because they won't appreciate what they have. Its very easy to gear up to about 4.5k gear score. Its also satisfying up to this point because the player can see their character grow at a steady pace. Its after ~4.5k gs where people need mats that cost over 20,000 gold each on the auction house, and the frustration begins. At 4.5k gear-score a character is still cannon fodder in PvP.

    This is where the player's dedication to the grind....I mean game is tested.
    So why are we rushing "new" players to the frustration point? Why rush them through some of the best times in the game?

    Why not remove the dates and cut-offs, since they seem to be causing so much confusion, and just give everyone that ever logs onto this server the first box as a thank you.
    No more boxes titled "veteran" when clearly they are not designed for us. Its insulting to be given a 30-day mule as a "Veteran Appreciation Reward."
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  9. Beck

    Beck Active Member

    You can hit 6k gs with T5 Div armor full gemmed with a good weapon. I'm not sure what you're on about. If we're talking about pushing T6 armor or weapons sure. There is A LOT of room for growth for the players coming in with this gear.

    I don't understand this... You shouldn't be insulted by free stuff.

    Carrot Dash is pretty OP afaik, and introducing it to the player economy so easily wouldn't be for the best imo.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  10. Mim

    Mim Active Member

    I think you are missing the point. The grind becomes insane at this level in the game. I'm not saying there isn't room for growth; people have over 8k gs. But how did they get there? They gave up their kids college fund or they spent an enormous amount of time grinding something in the game....which is fine for the few that have that, but the average player is going to get bored sooner with the level of dedication needed. The game becomes more like a job we have to grind away at to earn 5 more gs points.

    I'm insulted by the lack of thought put into the stuff. Would you be overly joyous if your significant other bought you a toaster as an anniversary gift?
    Did someone actually think "Hey, lets give the players that have been with us the longest 150 fireworks! Or a golden will be a battle-pet...but don't let it fight or be useful at all!" I'm not Curious George, I don't need a balloon.

    This would have been ok if it wasn't temporary. Last box I received a soulmule, which was permanent. (Yes, I did have to donate at least a $1 to be eligible.)
    Its ok to call out a shit sandwich when you see one, Beck, even if its made with straining appreciation. Half of the box contents for the longest playing people is junk.
    If they gave everyone the same box, nobody could say one box is more valuable than another, and the negative emotions would be abated. (I suggested this the last time we had these kind of rewards, clearly I was ignored.)

    *Edit: Spelling and grammar.
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  11. ToSete

    ToSete New Member

    Why not give to all players the list of rewards from Transferring Players ?
    In my opinion, if a player receive a new free set (a good set) for free, he can jump to up a new character in a different role (like he has a DPS and now go up a Healer/Tank).
    Old players + New players leveling chars is the best situation to a game.
  12. you old players can quit you know. and we new players will keep coming :) please do us a favor and quit. or stop whining about a freebie they gave to new players that would make the server population healthy. when i started i had very few neighbors now they introduce this transfer from live servers thing and all the land near me is built with farms and houses. :) so please do quit :) we will be happy fighting other 3k+ gs new people than 5k gs ungrateful old whining players who doesnt appreciate what the devs here give us.
  13. Updown

    Updown Member

    I hope not all new players are like this. Get off your high horse.
  14. lonexd

    lonexd New Member

    [QUOTE = "Sparkle, post: 49930, member: 184"] Cargúelo en imgur y envíanos un enlace. [/ QUOTE]
    hello where I should post the image for the weapons to come to the server sorry for the use of translator
  15. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    LINK to Contact Moderators section where you need to post your request.
  16. czakuss

    czakuss New Member

    how long takes to get reward?
  17. helloc

    helloc New Member

    How can I get the rewards?I'm from other server and a fresher for this server.By the way,it's great!!
  18. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    You'll get a reply within 24h if you send a request in Contact Moderators.
  19. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Read this thread. All the details are available there.
  20. cutthroatb

    cutthroatb New Member

    I'm a few months late to the party, but are the Follower Chests still available? :(
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