Server updates 11/20: Arenas, Nui's Chosen event and other changes!

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Sparkle, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.

    To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 11/20 at 7 am.
    Duration time - 40 minutes.

    List of updates:
    • Changes in Nui's Chosen in-game event [LINK]:
      • Added alternative way of obtaining Cold Nui's Charm's Shard. Now players will be able to receive it not only from Lusca Awakening quest but also from New Horizons quest (the Violent Maelstrom arena quest).
      • "God's Anger" moved from buff to debuff rank, for it not to take buff slot.

    • Changes in The Violent Maelstrom battleship arena [LINK]:
      • Players will be able to enter arena even with Rebirth Trauma.
      • Quantity of ships per team reduced from 5 to 2.
      • Spawn point moved higher to reduce the quantity of under the map spawns on arena.

    • Arenas changes:
      • Players will be removed from arena queue as soon as they get -AWAY- tag.
      • Rating groups for 4 arenas types (Gladiator, Skirmish, Sparring and Drill Camp) were changed and from 3-4 rating groups united into 2 rating groups only:
        - 1st group - 0-4039 points
        - 2nd group - 4039-20000 points

    • Other changes:
      • Fixed Hellhound's skill "Hunt" that was previously inactive.
      • Added glider quest "Achieve Lv30" for leveling players. Player can get it on level 20. To complete it player needs to reach level 30. Rewards:
        - Lapis Fae Wing
        - Passionate Leap (Lv35)

    • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
  2. nice update!!!
  3. lauther soares

    lauther soares New Member

    no fine fire and wave anymore? F E E L S B A D
  4. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member


    Can you help us understand the glider situation that's been added please?

    I am taking what's written as, when you hit lvl 20 you can get a quest that will say lvl to 30 to get the rewards (glider(s)) - It doesn't say where to get the glider from and from who?

    Can level 55 player's get the new gliders that've been added to the game or do we have to create a brand new character to do this?
  5. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    You receive a quest automatically on level 20 and quest completes automatically when you reach level 30. You can't do the quest on level 55 as you are over level 20 and 30. You need to have a new character under level 20 if you want to complete it.
  6. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    Thank you! =D
  7. rootuser

    rootuser New Member

    I just hit level 20 and got no automatic quest.
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    What is your character name?
  9. rodtheram

    rodtheram New Member

    Hellooo, nice update just one question, can I get the glider with a new character then transfer the glider to my main? I saw the glider and is much better than the one I have (ultimate)
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    No, quest items are bound. You'll not be able to transfer.

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