Server updates 8/28: Golden Plains Battle changes, Gladiator Death Match Tournament return and more!

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Sparkle, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.

    To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 8/28 at 7 am.
    Duration time - 40 minutes.

    List of updates:
    • 1 PM Veterans Rift from Hasla Zombie Apocalypse Event moved to another location. Now you can find it in one of evening Veterans Rifts locations [LINK]
    • Fixed bug with disappeared Strangers' Exchanger from Hasla Zombie Apocalypse Event. Now players will be able to see it and exchange their Stranger's Sealstones.
    • "Basin Bard" Achievement is activated on Rum Runner Rapids Festival. Find the Rum Runner Rapids Bard 7 Times and receive a reward - Windcreek Lute [LINK]
    • Bubble Mount's сooldown reduced from 30 minutes to 10 seconds.
    • Gladiator Death Match Tournament is returning. Participate every Sunday. Follow the link for details and new location. [LINK]
    • Golden Plains Battle gets the following changes:
    - Reduced cannons' HP and defense;​
    - Side that couldn't get a Flag and set it on their base receives special Magic Monolith that provides positive effects (you need to come directly to Monolith to obtain them): 1st - increases Move Speed +25% for 1 minute; 2nd - Increases Max Health +15%, Attack Speed +12%, Cast Speed +12%, Ranged Attack Speed +12% for 5 minutes. If one side lose Flag, Monolith on another side will disappear. If Flag is obtained by another side and set on their base, Magic Monolith will appear on the opposite side that has no Flag. Magic Monolith can be used only by the side that has it near their base and only by the event participants. Magic Monolith appears not far from the base.​
    - Relicts' HP increased 3 times.​
    - Relicts' level increased to level 55.​
    - When Relics' HP is lower than 90% it starts using a special skill - Relic Wave. Cooldown: 20 seconds. It inflicts big damage to 8 targets in 30m radius. Golems are not affected by the skill.​
    - Relict doesn't heal itself during the Relic Wave cast.​
    - Inflicted by golems damage against NPC is increased for 75%.​
    - Fixed bug that made flag to spawn not only within the time of Event.​
    • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
  2. We Wuz Marth

    We Wuz Marth Member

    Was this even a problem?
  3. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Nice update, glad to see the gladiator deathmatch back :D
  4. Updown

    Updown Member

    I don't get why the hp of the relic had to be increased. You either in the base, and killing it, or not. If you are already in, there so little chance the enemy side can counter attack you, so it just makes it 3 times longer. Especially annoying, when you don't have a full raid to nuke it down.
    Especially on the 1pm rift, people just rather gonna leave for the rift to get 20 medal, than to suck with that relic for 5 medal.
  5. agreee with the person above why increase it not only x2 but x3. come on. but we will see whats the effect to this. maybe we will like the update maybe we will hate it. lets just wait and see later at halcy. :) still excited for the changes though
  6. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @Updown @archeagemain2018 It was done for players not to backdoor, kill the Relic and end the event in 5 minutes but for players to bring Golems to destroy the Relic.
  7. @Sparkle like i said we will see in the coming days what are the effects to the golden plains war. im not really against it though. you also have a point.
  8. Chicken

    Chicken New Member

    It sounds good in theory, might make halcy great again with all the whales :D
  9. Gemma

    Gemma New Member

    question about the new costumes.
    the merchant costume fishing, increase fishing damage on sportfish... by how much is that?
    kinda want to know if its worth it or not.
  10. Inus

    Inus New Member

    The only source I could find from live said it was 8%. Will test when I get home if no one else does

    EDIT: Tested - gave ~60 damage on my big reel ticks (980->1040) and ~20 damage on my small reel ticks (380ish -> 400)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  11. Walrus

    Walrus Member

    Nice to see a server willing to try new balancing techniques, whether or not they work is irrelevant long as we're seeing new things being tried.

  12. @Sparkle what does the Monolith look like and where does it spawn for the east? xD we looked everywhere can seem to find it
  13. Inus

    Inus New Member

    Is the monolith what was making haranyan golems switch sides at our base? We had multiple golems decide they were done with the east faction and reroll west during post-reset halcyona yesterday (they still had the haranyan war golem name but became allied to nuia.)
  14. Claude

    Claude New Member

    Seems like the Monolith for East doesn't spawn? We had a couple of people running all over checking every nook and cranny and couldn't find it. @Sparkle could you provide the location/picture?

    Also our golems are bugged as hell, as soon as they enter West base it changes allegiance to West side and attacks East raid. As a result West have a bunch of East golems protecting their base at all times. Pretty much impossible for us to win.


    Gotta ask, are you guys testing your patches before releasing them? :confused:
  15. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @archeagemain2018 and @Claude did other side get the Flag? Only if opposite side has a Flag set, you'll get a Monolith spawned.
    Here is the picture:
  16. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @Inus and @Claude golems mechanics wsn't changed by us, that's why I asked for video yesterday to better understand what's wrong, but receiving screenshots again. It's very hard to understand the situation from screenshots only as this event's mechanics is very complicated and involves multiple factors.
    If somebody recorded a video or can record it tomorrow, please do it and send to me.
  17. Abbadona

    Abbadona New Member

    Where is the east side monolith. thats a picture of the west. I search for a whole halcy and could not find it anywhere near the best within a 3,000 meters. and yes west had the flag.
  18. Abbadona

    Abbadona New Member

    I looked again after your patch still no east monolith spawn. most of these bugs always seem to help the west beat east
  19. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Did west just had it or the set the flag on their base and had cannons? That's the only way for monolith to spawn on another side.
    Both sides monoliths are in game, close to the each faction base. I'll get you the screenshot of the 2nd monolith a bit later, if you don't find it.
  20. Abbadona

    Abbadona New Member

    west had the flag and cannons and i looked all over the east every tree farm house, you name it and found nothing like that stone in the first picture anywhere that could be even considered close. its been 3 halcy's in a row ive tried to find it each time they had the flag and cannon

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