Server updates 8/6: Ancient Daru Relic event start, Guild EXP requirements, Kraken Ink changes, etc

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Sparkle, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Sparkle

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    Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.

    To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 8/6 at 7 am.
    Duration time - 40 minutes.

    List of updates:
    • Ancient Daru Relic event start [LINK]
    • Violent Maelstrom naval arena "Fish Feed" achievement goal was changed. Now the achievement requires to complete "Sea Breeze" 10 times.
    • Poseidon Shroudlight can now be equipped on Enoan Galleon. You can equip it into one of 3 slots at your choice: 2 Cannons on the left side, Underwater Breathing Device.
    • Changes announced at 3.5 release (in 3.5 Patch notes) related to the guilds activity, specifically, Guild EXP requirements, come into effect.
      • If guild doesn't obtain required amount of EXP within 1 week (from Monday till Sunday), guild is going to be removed from the Ranking list for the next week. If guild gains needed amount next week - it returns back to the Ranking list.​
      • Guild needs to gain the following amount of EXP within a week if it wants to stay in the Ranking list next week:
        • level 1 - 500 EXP​
        • level 2 - 1000 EXP​
        • level 3 - 1500 EXP​
        • level 4 - 2000 EXP​
        • level 5 - 2500 EXP​
        • level 6 - 3000 EXP​
        • level 7 - 3500 EXP​
        • level 8 - 4000 EXP

          More details on this change can be found in the custom part of 3.5 Patch notes [LINK]
    • Trader's Cloak (@ArcheRage custom) is added to the Marketplace on the permanent basis.
      Trader's Cloak description (open)
      Trader's Cloak.png
    • Additional ways to obtain Kraken Ink Sac are added:
      • Upon dying, the Kraken will release Tentacles into the water as well as 5 additional Kraken Ink Pack that will differ from other Tentacles. Max radius is increased from 20m to 40m.
        Pick it up and equip to obtain Packed Kraken Ink. This pack Packed Ink can be exchanged to the Kraken Ink Sac at a Fish Stand.
        Important! Player needs to turn pack in within 1 hour after. Dropped trade packs disappear in 30 minutes. Backpack lifetime: 60 minutes.
      • Abyssal Kraken now has a small chance to drop Kraken Ink Sac.
      • Luscas now have an extremely small chance to drop Kraken Ink Sac.
    • Corrected a description of the skill Abyssal Echoes.​
    • Fixed a bug with the skills Tiger Strike (Life) and Tiger Strike (Lightning) that allowed players to use these skills numerous times while still sitting on the back of a mount and skills would activate the number of times you pressed it immediately after you dismount the mount.
    • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
    • Loyalty shop changes [LINK]
    • Merit shop changes [LINK]
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  2. Shanks

    Shanks Member

    did you guys listen to ANYTHING at all that ANYONE SAID???????????????? it's like you guys mashed together all the options and just said deal with it
  3. plamp

    plamp Active Member

  4. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    Why even make threads and ask for player opinions if you're just going to ignore everything thats said by the people who actually go out to the content?
  5. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    Tuesdays Kraken is gonna be lit in terms of player attendancy.

    I like the idea with Luscas. PN cannot block people from doing these.
    6 Ink Sacs each Kraken. That should flood the demand to the point it becomes more affordable to people. 10K a sac is still 60K for the group getting them but its cheaper for those looking to buy.
    If PN decides to hoard sacs and not sell them outside their group, they'd be damn stupid or stubborn as it will only decrease in value even more with 4.0.
    They're sort of forced to sell them now once nobody in their groups needs one anymore which should happen fairly quickly.

    Though you could've just left it untouched til 4.0 as a whole.
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  6. RogueChoi

    RogueChoi Active Member

    I'm sure they listened to more than the 20 PN players that wanted to secure their chokehold on progression of the rest of the server and were spamming that thread with bullshit.
  7. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    Not everyone in the thread was even PN, and you and your entire guild don't even go to kraken and have never showed up.
  8. Akatra

    Akatra New Member

    your are right i mean its not like we voted for it or anything *coughs*
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  9. Flipsy

    Flipsy Active Member

    In the middle of a dom between a couple of PN1 and PN2 guilds during Luscas, the West was able to be completely strongarmed out of simply getting 5 Luscas kills less than a week ago. Imagine if the PN's weren't actually fighting each other during this. That's going to be Luscas now.
  10. Akatra

    Akatra New Member

    im pretty sure pns will be smart enough to realize a sure kraken drop is worth more time investment then a small chance to get it at the other events and continue to compete over that

    then again intelligence can be questionable at times
  11. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    If luscas have a tiny chance say 0.02% of an ink sac drop, PN isn't gonna go to luscas and risk losing 6 guaranteed sacs during the 20minutes in which they are busy trying to avoid us from getting a single one.

    The only reason we (east/west) should be worried about this change is if kraken starts ending before luscas or if the lusca ink sac drop chance is way too high.
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  12. Flipsy

    Flipsy Active Member

    They wouldn't need to. We've already seen instances of them working together. You don't think they'd join forces to just take the Kraken with a skeleton crew and send more boats to other content to block?
  13. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    What I'm saying is, if the drop rate is supposed to be a "lottery-win" for whoever gets it, as in the chance of getting one is tremendously low, then any PN player that leaves kraken and weakens their main-raid to go to luscas only to play the lottery is an absolute idiot.
    Luscas with low drop rate is such a tiny fracture of sacs compared to as what can be obtained for killing kraken. PNs are still going to dominate the supply of ink sacs. I don't get why they are so upset about someone else getting lucky for once. I don't see people flip their shit and go around and insult & threaten other players or the devs of this server when they see someone pop a mythic "because he had it handed out for free, and i was never that lucky and had to actually grind gold and go buy one."

    This aside, I've seen PN leadership say they don't / very rarely actually sell an ink sac outside their group for gold. It's either handed out for free to people who can show proof they need it, or they get it with a heavy discount.
    Everytime a west/east player who supports this change, says the price of an Ink Sac hinders their progress, a PN player comes along and says "hurr durr t5 to t6 makes no big difference, it doesn't slow down your progress at all."

    So not only do PN players not really give a shit about the raw gold value of it, as they rarely ever sell it full-priced. But also they know their value in actually using one to gear up is very modest.

    So why do exactly these people complain about a soon to happen drop in value of ink sacs ? It makes 0 sense.
    Watching PN players get super salty and threaten to cuck Abyssal or Luscas is another funny story. Kraken raids are average of what, 35 people ? Send half the people to Luscas and I want to see how you manage to steal every single lusca tag and gain dps superiority for drops. With how large of a radius the luscas spawn, I doubt any of this is doable and just a massive failure of a threat.
    Sending 1 or 2 Ships with Eternal Cannons to dps Abyssal is the only cucking they'll ever be able to do, or if Kraken ends early and they all show up to Luscas. But that wouldn't be any different from now cause that's already happening regardless of this change.
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  14. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    I'm just here to drink Player Nation tears. Carry on.

    The solution spreads PN too thin to get them all. That's hilarious. They will be forced to go for the big pot (stay at Kraken), try to spread themselves between the big pot and the small pot (Abyssal), or try to spread themselves between all three. I love it.

    But Muh Free Farm Content NoooOOoOOooooo
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  15. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    Oh, and alliance with East incoming or some other such nonsense because the game can never be left alone without trying to control something somehow.
  16. Tranquil

    Tranquil New Member

    Although this will make the duopoly PNs have on Ink Sacs require more effort to maintain, this will likely just serve to eliminate Abyssal / Luscas as content for non-PN players. Kraken spawn time should be changed to match Abyssal spawn time since PNs will likely show up and just rape everyone else at these events now to have even more Ink Sacs in their coffers.
  17. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    They can't. The fact that you could get 6 from Kraken means that it's likely Kraken will get more contested, too. And PNs can't risk someone winning something they currently control. That would mean a loss of control, and the narcissism is way too strong.

    Not only more contested, btw, but kraken ink sacs basically spawn at RNG within 40m. If they're not careful, one or more could be snatched and stealthed away. Which is also hilarious.
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  18. Tranquil

    Tranquil New Member

    I'm sure they'll take it out on East/West by dominating Abyssal / Luscas every night. They REALLY hate losing and will go to extreme lengths to end changes to their routine. Just look at the 2v1 against Budget PN.
  19. Akatra

    Akatra New Member

    like OP stated they will prefer krakens drop over a lottery ticket drop, the moment they send members to the other events they would only weaken their fighting force in the kraken event, im pretty sure the leaders of both pn realize this and are clever enough to see the same thing

    they would only show up if kraken dies too fast wich rarely happens the average kraken raid is 4hours or so so they wont be able to control this IF they would be able to control this then they would welcome this change because it would yield them more ink sacs the reason they cry about it is because they CANT control all of the events at the same time if kraken doesnt die fast enough

    bob marley - no worry

    most of the comments stating that they will destroy the other events are just fear statements
  20. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    Its too bad that Kraken doesn't drop pussy and respect, am I right?
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