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    Have an idea?

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    You have any ideas regarding new in-game events, festivals, quests or anything else that will be interesting for players, may add spice, pvp, activity, so on, post in this thread! Ideas that will be interesting, also possible and worth implementing may be taken.
    Authors of the ideas implemented in game will be rewarded.

    Opening this thread for the suggestions.
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    Do this one.....
    Elite Trader Event / Riches From The Depths Information From PTS
    Official Information Here:

    Greetings PTS players and interested parties. Here is the information for the new upcoming event Riches From The Depths arriving June 28th 2016 on live servers.

    Riches From The Depths includes two event in game dynamics. The first one is a daily acquired mission called "Elite Trader", the second is a treasure hunting mechanic found in the Castaway Straights.

    Elite Trader

    To start the Elite Trader Quest, click on the divine clock bouncing box in the lower left hand corner of your game. This quest is ONLY available once per account per day. So only take the quest with the character in which you wish to complete it on.

    To complete the quest you simply need to spend 1000 labor in commerce proficiency. This can be for making or turning in packs, or any other activity that uses commerce proficiency. Like selling items on the auction house, or summoning your housing vendor from the elite merchant cushion.

    The quest is not "daily" locked you can stock pile your quest starters and complete them back to back. Which means you can do 1000 labor, then immediately activate another quest if you have one. This maybe a good tip if you plan on building up labor or saving packs to turn in when trade rates are more in favor. Important note, you can waste your quest starters by activating them before completing one that is currently active. Also note that there appears to be a bug, in which if you have a quest starter in your bag whilst completing another active Elite Trader quest it will actually eat one of your quest starters (see video below).

    Elite Trader Rewards & Cost
    • 2 X Bound 500 Worker Comps 1 Ticket
    • 1 Starlight Archeum Essence 1 Ticket
    • 1 Moonlight Archeum Essence 1 Ticket
    • 1 Sunlight Archeum Essence 1 Ticket
    • 1 x Bound Mining Drill 3 Tickets
    • 1 x Bound Majestic Tree 3 Tickets
    • 1 x Not Bound Lucky Starpoint 7 Tickets
    • 1 x Not Bound Lucky Moonpoint 7 Tickets
    • 1 x Not Bound Lucky Sunpoint 7 Tickets
    • 1 x Bound Mini Farm Cart Housing Décor 7 Tickets

    Here is a video showing my take on the Elite Trader Mission. If you only want to see the Mini Farm Cart you may just watch the first 1 min 30 secs. If you want to hear all my advice and findings including a bug I found, the video is about 10mins long.

    Treasure Hunting

    The treasure hunting portion of this event is done in the ocean at Castaway Straights. New random treasure chest will spawn on the ocean floor. They are tons of them down there, on PTS a guild member and I was able to fill up a full merchant running just from Villanelle directly to Solis to turn them in.

    The cost of picking up a treasure chest is 100 labor (Exploration), the cost to turn is 70 labor commerce(like any trade pack) only turn in points are Ocean Traders (Freedrich, Solis, Two Crowns, Growl, Diamond Shores). You should note these are trade packs so as soon as you gather the chest you'll have a pack on your back.

    The value of the packs are common 50g, uncommon 300g, ultra don't ever count on finding one rare 1000g. I did about 30 packs on PTS everyone of which was the common 50g pack.

    The chest work just like the last daru treasure event, they have a very noticeable beacon of light shining up from them that is visible from a good distance. The packs on PTS are quit literally everywhere in Castaway Straights, if you're aren't seeing them on live, chances are somebody beat you to
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    That is not something new, but just not yet implemented on our server.
  4. plamp

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    Okay so this wouldn't add too much spice to the game, but I know it's something that a lot of people want and have complained about:

    It's been previously discussed a few times that the canvas drops from big belly fish are annoying since they can't stack and it fills up people's inventories. Obviously there's nothing we can do to make Blank Canvas' stack due to them being a decoration item. However, if the Blank Canvas drop on the big belly fish loot table was to be replaced with an item that when "used" dispensed a Blank Canvas it should work. I'm not very good at explaining things but I hope it's understood how this would fix the problem, since rather than trying to make a decoration item stack were replacing it with a consumable item that gives the decoration item when used.

    I made a mockup in a thread previously but at the time it was put on the back burner while 3.0b got finalized.


    More of a quality of life change, but I don't want it to get swept under the rug.
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    Yes, I remember about that suggestion. Thank you for moving it in here. It will help us easier look through multiple questions and not to lose a track on important things.
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    Hello! Basically, my request/suggestion is (if possible) bring back Library Bounties as a way to get Archmage Manastones for Library earring. I made a thread yesterday, the link is here:

    Originally there were 4 Bounty quest lines to kill 1st/2nd/3rd/any floor monsters that gave increasing gold rewards. They were removed in 2.9 (I assume as a way to combat bots because they gave a LOT of gold) and the only way to get these Manastones now is to buy them for 500 Gilda Stars each, which is a lot of resources. Would you be able to bring back the Bounty quests but just take out the gold rewards? Because I'm confident people who want the Library Earring would much rather farm thousands of mobs in the library than farm up 2,000 Gilda Stars.
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  7. cabbiewabbie

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    Decrease the chance and amount of sunpoint, moonpoint, and starpoint in rng boxes. Literally no pvp in auroria. Logs are always up and no one bothers to take them.
  8. Jet

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    Hello game devolpers i have a great idea for you to work on. It's a simple idea with 1 change regarding an item called cryptic lucky scorll. Cryptic lucky scroll is a consumable item that is 0nly used on ayanad capes. You use the scroll to reroll an unwanted stat from an AYANAD cape. My problem is the : the cryptic lucky scroll is hard to get you need a lord coin and alot of farming mats. Thankfuly there is another to way get them and that is through the rng box. These scroll can drop from most RNG boxs but sadly it is usless to 99% of the player base because they cant use it on anything because they dont have an ayanad cape.
    Make cryptic lucky scrolls That drop from the rng box tradeable The average player has no use for this item and for a player that has an ayanad cape it means the world. When you make this simple change of making this scroll traadable you will improve the econmy by adding a new exciting item for ayanad cape users and also make it a usefull drop for the people who have them but dont have an ayanad cape
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  9. Picklerick

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    Why can't you just craft one?
  10. Jet

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    I can but thats not my suggestion i just want the ones that drop from the box to be tradeable because most people just trash them
  11. Kohina

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    I got a lot of suggestions to make, but I'll restrain myself about class/combat/economy changes because theorically they were balanced in the 4.5 patches so it's a bit of harsh to do it right now, unless you from the staff and devs think that you should tackle the issue in a near opportunity (after 3.0b is launched, of course).

    Outside of class balancing, I have a few suggestions. Mostly are related to cosmetics and quality of life improvements.
    • Make Empty Easel be crafted from 2 Blank Canvas (drops off Big Belly Fishes, in a chunk) instead of 2 Blank Standup Canvas (60 credits each in cash shop, only way to get them). They are items for Dream Shards artistry paintings; house decorations.
    • Make Brainstorm/Hummingbird/Splendid Costume/Pagemaster's/Archeologist's Storage Chests cost 1 Spacious Storage Chest or 2 Superior Storage Chests. Right now all of those are not worth to craft and are more expensive than the other limitless chests from cash shop. There is no point in crafting them. It would be nice if you could put Instruments on the Hummingbird Chests, and Image Items at Splendid Costume, as well.
    • Make the Extraction Alembic work for all items with Image Items, nost just costumes. From what I know, the problem is that the current "Image Items" aren't really Image Items, since they retain some stuff from the base gear. So my suggestion is to actually make image items worthless, giving zero gearscore and no stats/buffs/lunafrosts/gems/etc. One of the few ways I thought about this is treating them as the same state as broken items (the stats are ignored while the items have zero durability), except that they CAN'T be repaired. So they will never give stats, only apperance.
    • Put old Costumes/Mounts/Pets/House Decors/etc on the Login Badge rewards NPC in Mirage. This way people that actually play the game will be able to get stuff that will probably take months or more to get back to the boutique, plus one more use for them besides Serendipity Stones and Speedboat Designs.
    • A way to refund stuff you bought from the cash shop by mistake and wants to sell it back, like the buy back tab in merchants. There are items that you purchase without knowing the exact effects and the credit is wasted afterwards. I've been told before that staff won't take action for player mistakes like that, but in my opinion I think we could.
    That's all my suggestions that I could think of. Yes, as I said, most are related to cosmetics.

    Thanks for everything.
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  12. Ariess

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    Some goo suggestion's lately, keep them coming folks!
  13. Blessup

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    I'm not sure if this is possible, but could the global cooldown on planting stuff be reduced or removed all together? As an avid farmer, I feel like the cooldown unnecessarily slows me down a little bit more than I appreciate.
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    I know my idea was not new content, but it is a great event nonetheless. So for some new content, how about an event to earn warriors medals? maybe as a reward for completing arenas (encourage more people to do them) or add a wartime event. If you participate in X number of pvp kills during a war period you get X number of warriors medals when it goes back to peace. This could be limited to specific zone like DS to limit how frequently you can do it and also focus where people would engage in pvp for the medals.
  15. hellajeff

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    My idea is for a unique Title to be added to the game that functions as a kind of mini pvp oriented event. It would be a title that gives 2-3x as much honor for hostile faction kills BUT is transferred to your killer when you die. In addition when you hit certain numbers of kills, say 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 kills you both get a server wide announcement and a bundle of honor potions. Lastly when you die with the title there is a serverwide announcement that you've had the title stolen from you.

    Randomly giving the title to the next person who gets a kill when the title holder goes offline is also a good way to keep it from dissapearing from the server, or to prevent general abuse.

    The title could be something like [Salt Lord], [Lord of Death], [Avatar of Kyrios] etc.
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  16. hellajeff

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    Another idea I had to encourage pvp is to have a package spawn randomly somewhere in southern castaway strait between major events 1 time a day that is worth 5000 gold but can only be turned in at freedich, in addition when you discover the box and open it, the package globally and visibly marks its location on the map so anyone can tell where it is. This would be a fun PVP event to get together whole guilds to basically play hot potato all the way to freedich isle. Maybe double all honor gains on the sea during the event as well to discourage freedich camping and provide additional incentive (do you get honor in sea warfare?)
  17. hellajeff

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    World boss and monster invasions of major cities. Nothing says we're doing it differently to new players than walking into a besieged capital city, its a tried and true formula for immersing new players into a game, giving a whole faction something they can work together at and as just a plain fun and interesting event. Just please don't make the invading world boss the hound of kyrios.'hair

    It'd be cool to come up with custom bosses and monsters but something like morpheus besieging austera with his pirate hordes, Dahuta attacking with her Dahuta cultists would be awesome.

    Also since I mentioned the hounds of kyrios, can we get some of these guys removed/replaced or randomized with other bosses. This guy is copy pasta'd like 5 times in the game and it sucks.
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  18. hellajeff

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    I think every mmo should let you tame the random and interesting monsters spread throughout the game. There's so many great designs throughout the game that you never see again like the red foxes from the warborn questline to the succubi and incubi in cinderstone.

    For ease of implementation they should be purely vanity pets like ragnarok online pets. To get them should be a very low chance every kill to promote high level players spending time in less active zones which would show new players the game has activity. Often new players join the game and if they don't get a fishing pole from the faction chat are doomed to spend 2-6 hours wandering mostly barren zones.

    Lastly the pets shouldn't be bound, this way a new player who scores a rare pet during their mob grind to 55 will have something valuable to sell to new players.
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  19. hellajeff

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    Another pvp idea, every time you kill a player in pvp you get a cosmetic skull that bears that players name which you can place on the floor of your home or turn into other objects.Get 1 skull and turn it into a skull torch. Get 10 skulls and you can make a skull pile, 100 skulls and you get a skull textured rug that makes the floor look like its covered in skulls. 1000 skulls gets you a skull throne (like the pirate heros get) and 10 thousand skulls gets you a title.

    Even if only partially implemented I think this would be a lot of fun.
  20. xkf2

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    Would it be possible to add the items:
    - Scented Leaf
    - Royal Seed
    - Heavy Hardwood

    To the vocation shop? The price should be "relatively expensive," (to your discretion) especially when compared to the amount of Vocation that can be earned ingame daily.

    Also, would it be possible to add Scented Leaf and Royal Seed drops to the Seedbeds that are found on the Farmhouses?

    I also agree with the following suggestion:

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