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  1. Kaotic

    Kaotic Member

    Or we could just not do 4.5 patch? Please?
  2. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    Never said we would ever go to 4.5. Only that 4.5 changes will come with 4.5 and not sooner
  3. newbeast

    newbeast New Member

    Boost chocolate drop to once every hour please.(desert cottage) otherwise the tax put in and the time finding land for it wouldnt be worth it at all.
  4. Inter

    Inter New Member

    since the server seems to be pretty inconsistent has your team considered any options to make the experience for high ping players less painful? like skill queue or the possibility of going back to the old versions of filler skills like triple slash endless arrows etc
  5. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    Asked before and the decision was to keep it the same.
    You lose nothing by having to just keep the house around longer for the chocolate furniture
  6. newbeast

    newbeast New Member

    Sad to hear the decision was made that way as I farm crates frequently and was looking forward to making use of the loot drop % it provides but hearing that it's kept this way purely because of aesthetic purpose is just sad and kills half the purpose of why the house exists.
  7. Meus

    Meus New Member

    Actually, I do lose an entire day of chocolate because I can't log in at the exact same time every day to collect it. I can maybe collect it 3 or 4 times per week instead of the ideal 7 times per week. That's why I suggested to reduce the timer to 22 hours instead of 24 to give a 2 hour grace period, similar to the time to regain labor from a bed and to get rewards from trade packs, but my suggestion was completely ignored.
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Ignored?! Reply was provided to you there and I don't have another reply for you:

    "Items you can craft are unique and can be obtained from Desserted Cottage only. They also don't need extra resources from your side but give you a unique decor that you can't get from any other place. Both production time and quantity are on a very good level".

    It will not be changed.
  9. Mehs

    Mehs Member

    Anything on this? More interested in Lord's coins and serendipities being listed on the auction house.
  10. Nunsi

    Nunsi New Member

    Don't know if is in the suggestions already, but can we get a colorblind mode in the game? i have a lot of issues with land, color packs and other stuff cause i cant see colors properly. I know some people who has the same problem as me. It will be a great improvement to the game i think.
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  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Technical possibilities don't let us to implement a colorblind mod.
  12. Lusk

    Lusk Member

    We can get Hiram gear with Erenor Gear?
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  13. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Serendipity Stones can be obtained in game any time. You can purchase a Serendipity Stone from the Loyalty shop or from the Login Badge Exchanger in Mirage Isle. You can also get the one from the boxes, but Serendipity Stones are already not bound.

    As for the Lord Coins, they will stay bound.
  14. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    Lord coins aren't bound, he's asking for you guys to put a sell for value on Lord Coins and serendipity stones so they can be listed on the auction house.
  15. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    No. Hiram gear is something from a later patch
  16. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I'm sorry, I worded it in the wrong way. They are kind of bound as if you can't sell the item on the auction it means it still has bound parts in the system. But will stay that way.
  17. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    I see. Also, please reconsider implementing Ravenspine Wings just yet. The general consensus among many players is that they're harmful to the server. Changing it to a two second invulnerability is still hardly a nerf given that the invulnerability is still instantly cast. A better fix for the glider is removing the instant invulnerability and making it a casted ability similar to the one on Ezis glider. The root of the issue with Ravenspine is that the invulnerability is instantly cast as soon as you open the glider.
  18. oby

    oby New Member

    Literally this. Please remove instant invulnerability on these and make it a skill.
  19. Cloudsp

    Cloudsp New Member

    The game have a bread and soup buff that regen players for 5seconds when we use the item out of combat. If u give a 60s buff to players when they finish the duel, they will get 100% HP/MP and they cant abuse of that, because the game remove that buff when u enter in combat.

    i want that too.

    Plz, let Elite Merchant's Cushion and Tutoring Cushion
  20. ryutsuki

    ryutsuki New Member

    change the restrictions on the public farms for those players without lands, 15 or 20 instead 5 items and the possibility of plant any type of trees, animal, seed, etc.

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