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  1. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    woww i wander ...... ??? DO this people actually thing that there was free land available at some point at this server ?
    I joined the server 1 month after launch and there was NO FREE LAND back then and it will no be free land ever period some people invest theyr gold in gear, some in land ( Ive spent like 30 k on land since i joined on second month after release) and finally some people like Oriola invest theyr time in sh@t communist propaganda on the forum "heyyy land should be free for every one " NOPE PALL IF U want free land belonging to everyone move to North Korea , Cuba or Russia or some other Communist sh@t hole
  2. Lusk

    Lusk Member

    There's free land everywhere, go play the game.
    I always found 16x16 and 28x28 spots...
    Why free land is a problem? LOL
    I just demo'ed a 16x16 to give a new player a land, I was not using.
    Stop being rude.
  3. Tetra

    Tetra New Member

    Yea, I got a demo 16 that im waiting for here in a couple days thats right across the street from our 24, would be a great place to put down a farm for cotton or sheep.
  4. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    Just watched entire swatches of land in 7 different zones go down this past weekend. 2 28's, half a dozen 24's, and a good handful of 16's went down. No clue where this "no free land" thought process is.
  5. xkf2

    xkf2 Member

    Nah the "Free Land" is more that ppl earlier in thread was posting/suggesting that taxes should cost an obscene labor amount to craft resulting in a precipitous exchange between many users

    In fact you replied to this persons egregious suggestion yourself in that discussion:

    You need only go to page 43 of this thread to see that discussion begin.

    The "REEEE NO FREE LAND" ppl are the ones who are saying that: FREE LAND === Let me place anywhere whenever I like if I go to that housing zone

    While for US sane ppl, Free Land === A demolition that we can go try to grab

    That is where this silly NO FREE LAND REEE mindset has come from. Players that can't be bothered scouting for demo's or just happening upon an empty slot, and/or just grinding landgrabs till they win/get lucky.


    No they are saying that the PEOPLE who have a PROBLEM with there being no free land are being SILLY because MANY OF US have worked very hard to get land that we do have in game now. They are responding to the ppl who refuse to look for land properly, scouting for demos etc WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY refusing to grind gold to just purchase certed plots or demos advertised in trade chat.

    They don't have a problem with ppl getting land for free (as in given to them or landgrabbed), they have a problem with ppl who have the mindset that land should just fall into their lap without having to do anything about it, see above and above the above.

  6. lightsenshi6

    lightsenshi6 New Member

    More ranged pets, please. Aside from the Ember Nymph (which isn't available) and the Lavaspark (which might as well be at 600 merits), there's really aren't any. As a ranged class, my pet spends most of the time chasing the mob rather than attacking.
  7. Frost_bite10

    Frost_bite10 New Member

    Rancher's Farmhouse needs an update. Adding the ability to collect fresh fertilizer from the animal pen would make the Rancher's worth it. Animals poop and we should collect it.
  8. Lusk

    Lusk Member

    You get a tradeable Ember Nymph egg by doing Warborn 1-30 racial quests...
  9. Mandres

    Mandres Member

    Suggestion: please make territory product packs, and the kill quest, worth 100 lord pence instead of 50 for the daily lord coin quest. Since they're worth half as much as the rest of the quests, nobody wants to take the pack and instead just camps the other quest givers. It grinds the whole rotation to a halt. Everyone is going to need a metric ton of lord coins very soon, and this would make more of them available into the economy. Would also encourage PvP for/around the packs, which is always a good thing.

    Maybe add some other cost to offset the relatively easy quest - like a gilda star on the turn-in or some archeum shards?
  10. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    Not anymore. The 2 special pets of dwarfs and warborns was only obtainable during 3.0s initial launch prior to 3.0b
  11. xkf2

    xkf2 Member

    I mean... if you want the poop the Animal Pens are better value for labor...

    You get more materials from the Animal Pen compared to harvesting from the Ranchers...
    At the same time harvesting from the Ranchers costs more than from an Animal Pen because you have to give them more Combined Feed... while still getting less materials...

    All in all, pretty cruddy investment in a whole HOUSE, amiright.

    The only real benefit of Ranchers is that the Animals have NO chance of dying (and the extra Dailies for Gilda/Resident Token)

    For a REAL buff to the Ranchers they should increase by at least 3-fold the amount of stuff you can get from the animals (Milk, Wool, etc) than is currently given, add the POOP in a large quantity.

    Could also reduce Combined Feed cost but that might be too much. xD

    All in all, Ranchers doesn't feel as useful as say the SEED BEDS, especially in terms of pay off for amount of materials put in
  12. xkf2

    xkf2 Member

    You can already purchase a Light Territory Product for 100 gilda from the little girl on the side of the house - she's a scammer :D
    Making it so that other Q's only have a small 1 gilda cost would make her completely obselete xD

    Any cost of Gilda Stars reasonable like 10 Gilda, or 20 Gilda traded in even for a 100 Pence Territory Pack would just be a drain on Gilda that ppl are trying to save up for stuff from Mirage Isle, which I don't think many people would like... Granted you can get Gilda doing Trade packs... but....
    Alternatively, if not a GILDA STAR cost, they could make it so that you talk to the NPC to craft the Pack and expend something like 100 of a Material like Stone Brick or something. Just not Gilda... heh

    Leaving the Pack at 50 Pence with no other cost invovled seems the most balanced for now.

    I do agree that it's silly that the Kill Mobs Q only awards 50 Pence, even though it takes THAT much longer than the others. Should be 100 just like the others. If they do, I wouldn't mind tweaking it so that you have to kill more mobs, but, just make it equal.

    The others award 100 Pence for stuff that is relatively easy/time efficient in comparison:
    -Logs/Water is easiest with Car/Freighter, though you're likely to have those packs contested since they're limited nodes and ppl want them for themselves, either for LC, or, Braziers/Trees
    -Arborist is only good if you can get it and even then you risk having trees uprooted by salty people who couldn't get trees that day. I would know, I've used over 100 Labor Pots on this very act, but that was because there were some egregiously named characters that were obviously made only to increase LC generation for that person,,,, and yet they had the gall to take 5 different the Arborists and dump the trees right in the castle... xD

    The other issue is that the timers on resetting everything is sooooooooo looooooooong. Someone took the Fruit/Arborist/Meat? You gotta wait anywhere from 8hours to 20hours for it to reset, at which time it can go either PACK or the NPC... and then even after someone does take a Territory Pack then there is YET another LONG ASS timer...
  13. oriola

    oriola New Member

    So much hate ? The member of western civilized society ? Hmm...

    Definitely you did not read all the discussion and did not read my ORIGINAL comment, you just cought few tag words like "free land" to start an attack.
    My original post was to change the craft of taxes, to increase the cost of land ownership, and to hit those guys who permanently keep many spots unused and empty. Many of you on the forum ARE THESE guys so no suprise such hysteria raised.
  14. Lusk

    Lusk Member

    There's no way to bring them back at 3.5 launch... or just next patch?
  15. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    I actually dont own allot of land and for the past 2 years i have gifted as much land as u will probably never get to own from connected 16x to multiples 24s and 28s to people i dont even know , why ??? .... because i dont need it . i constantly find open plots thru the map and i neither build on them or announce it on chat to no one , because i want the people to be able to get land , but when some one gets to the forum to cry about getting someone eleses land for free its what piss me of .
    YES I AM concerned about peoples opportunity to get land ,but u cannot do it by taking other peoples land
    Lets say that they take away the land from people and give some of it to you , what happens if tomorrow new people arrives in the server and ask the crew to do the same thing , take away your land to give it to them ??

    1 I remember that somewhere around 3.5 on official they turned the public farms in White Ardent and the one around the community center of Solzreed(not sure) to Housing zones it will be much more effective to work in that direction

    2 introducing the improved 16x house with the 2x50 seeds planting beds ist another thing that can compensate for land shortage

    3 making a cash shop item (furniture) that u can place in storage silo to allow u to save teleport address of it will make it fully functional as any other house

    4 to make it possible for the 8x8 garden to be upgraded in a way in which it stays as an 8x8 but with the Scarecrow on the side+farmer station (like the cash shop ones but without the tax reduction ) this will make 8x8 fully functional allowing you to put anything on it from coops,bee hives and animal pens to larders and mining drills (the quest ones )
    when i started to play on the server as i mentioned before there was no free land already ,and i was playing on 6 /8x8 and 1 silo as house and to be honest the only disadvantages i felt were
    1/that i was not able to teleport back to my house (the silo)
    2/that i cannot do everything i want on the 8x8 because the scarecrows were in the middle of the gardens

    5 IF possible to make detached version of the multipurpose trimmer(the one from the upgraded farmhouses) something like Farmer version of the multipurpose workbench that u can put on 16x house and silos

    ALL i pointed here will be much more effective to deal with land issue because it will allow to smaller properties to acquire functions of buildings(properties) that are now restricted only to buildings of higher dimensions
    teleporting is restricted to houses 16x + and above
    husbandry,mining and and harvesting (big trees) content of 8x8 size is restricted to 16x+ farms and above
    multipurpose trimmer is restricted to 24+ and above (and only for thatched farm houses which forces people to own 1 more 24x24 only for the ability to use certain house tool)
    if we can get this things reworked the land gap will decrease significantly
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  16. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    yea I remember finding out they didnt have the upgraded cottage on this server yet, wouldve helped me a lot at the start. I got lucky too with finding empty land, not a ton,but just enough for me to farm comfortably. Never once thought to ask on forum about improvements, cuz I just thought, its part of the game, either buy land or have patience to be lucky x)
  17. oriola

    oriola New Member

    Once again.
    1) I have no intention to take other peoples land.
    2) When one of my opponents accused me that I want FREE LAND blah blah, I said Yes, I want free land.
    EXPLANATION: I do not want to buy the land for 3000-5000 gold from land resellers, I want it to be like on other AA servers, where one can find lot of free spots for farming, best and convenient slots are of course taken, but some slots are always available.
    Economic taxes should be made the way, people who do NOT NEED land and do NOT USE land, just do NOT KEEP it.
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  18. oriola

    oriola New Member

    @prego_kamata and few words about communism.
    A guy owns ArcheRage accound. Its free account. He's patron. He gets 11520 LP per day, 80640 LP per week, for free, and craft 2000 tax certificates per week, for free. It happened to him to catch many properties some time before, so the guy can use 2000 taxes a week to keep it. Lazy style. For free. This is exactly what communism is.
  19. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    the best way for taxing land is by its size and not by count like it is atm but i doubt the possibility for the crew to change that because i think its build with in the game mechanics as i told you back in 2.9 i was using 6 / 8x8 and a silo which by summing the size of all of it u get less that 2/16x but because land its taxed by count (1,2,3, x amount of properties) i was paying more taxes than someone who owns 1 castle or 2 tree houses
    lets say If it was possible to change that taxation method to taxation by land size owned 4xmpl everything more than 100x100 (total amount of land size owned ) to be overtaxed in gold that will make a change indeed

    OH and about what u r saying (the open land on official AA) its due to 2 reasons
    1 At 3.5 on official owning land was totally useless because most of the Husbandry, Farming and Harvesting content was hidden behind Vocation
    2 Many people (like myself) just left the game at 3.5 because the Cargo trade system was the last nail in the coffin of AA
    any so called "updates " past 3.5 were just useless attempts to milk an already dead cow
  20. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    3 plots ninja-demo'd in Two Crowns this past week.
    5 plots demo'd in Gweonid this past week.
    8 island plots went down this past week.
    Half of an entire housing zone in White Arden went down this past week.
    3 small plots in Dewstone Plains went down this past week.
    At least 2 plots that I know of went down in Halcyona this past week.
    A handful of plots in Windscour went down in the last 2 weeks.
    3 plots in Karkasse went down in the last month.

    But yeah, keep telling us that the land situation is nothing like it was on Live and that there are no spots available in the convenient locations and that the only slots available are being sold by people for insane amounts of gold and that nothing demos. Every week passes and I get to keep seeing more and more houses and farms demo with more and more new guilds showing up to contest the land grab, and yet somehow YOU are the only one who doesn't make it to these and now all of a sudden it's a pandemic on the server. Yeah, WE'RE the people who are wrong, not you.

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