Support Pack for new or returning players!

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Dear Players!

    Recently, we’ve heard about a problem that players from the official server were faced with.
    We are concerned about the situation as now many players are left with no support and in a very unstable situation.

    We know how you all love this game and would like to continue playing it and exploring the word of archeage with your friends. Due to it we prepared a special pack for the players who would like to join (come back to) our server and have the opportunity to continue playing and keep up with other players.

    You can submit a Ticket at your Account Panel and request a Support Pack.
    (How To submit a Ticket? --> check this guide [LINK])

    Support Pack will include:
    - T4 Weapon (3 Celestial items)
    - T2 Armor (5 Celestial items)
    - Weapon Regrade Scroll (10)
    - Armor Regrade Scroll (10)
    - Accessory Regrade Scroll (10)
    - Ship Component Regrade Scroll (30)
    - Farm Cart Design
    - Fish-Find Longliner Design

    Important! Pack can be requested only once per account, so be attentive, you’ll not have a chance to change your decision and have the pack re-sent to your another character or sent again if mistakenly deleted.

    This pack can be requested not only by new players but also by players, who created the account on our server a while ago but didn’t have a chance to really play it.

    You can request your pack starting from today till the first day of the winter (December, 1st).
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  2. Hideyowaifus

    Hideyowaifus Active Member

  3. Diarmada

    Diarmada Member

    Really nice of you to offer this!

    Fingers crossed for the Official Server, both the (ex)staff and the player base!
  4. Haetae

    Haetae New Member

    <3 I sent in a support ticket!
  5. norhi

    norhi New Member

    This is really nice!
    Can you please specify when is the first day of winter, just to be sure?
  6. Soloinraz

    Soloinraz New Member

    This server is much better than official one <3
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  7. Esquinas Saúl

    Esquinas Saúl New Member

    already sent a ticket, should I wait a response or i will receive a mail with the box? (I created my account two weeks ago so i don't know if i'm able to receive it)
  8. DollaryDoos

    DollaryDoos Member

    ^ I just came back a week and a bit ago i hope i'm able to get it too :) @#$% RETAIL!
  9. Diarmada

    Diarmada Member

    You will most likely receive a mail, you shouldn't worry if your account is only two weeks old certainly.
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    December, 1st
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  11. Marius

    Marius New Member

    Hello .. there isn't a category for Support Pack at tickets so i should send my ticket to suggestion or question ?
  12. Hideyowaifus

    Hideyowaifus Active Member

    isnt the first day of winter the 21st? thinking
  13. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, choose any of that.
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  14. Ario

    Ario New Member

    I sent my Request via Question in Tickets! :) And Thank You!
  15. Panduh

    Panduh New Member

    Yea, I just sent in my ticket. I created my account a while ago, and just came back a month ago. Fingers crossed I get the benefits. I dont wanna be 2.7k GS anymore!
  16. Aigavlov

    Aigavlov New Member

    Well came back like sunday so here's hoping I can get it, last I had played before hand was just when 3.0 had initially dropped here. Ironically it was shortly before that, that I had made my account in the first place.

    Also how long do these tickets normally take to resolve for events like this?
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  17. iam2ga

    iam2ga New Member

    I'm so glad they're doing something like this <3
  18. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    All tickets are replied within the regular time frames - 24-48 hours.
  19. Shichibukaii

    Shichibukaii New Member

    A bunch of ppl got theirs within like 5 minutes or 2-3 hours D:
  20. rippington

    rippington Member

    Hi there, I sent in a ticket this morning. Came over from Ollo on live when I heard about your wonderful game. my son came too and my wife is considering starting up again as well. we miss our subs and cars and houses and stuff but cest la vie <le sigh> :)
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