Technical server restart 9 am 8/16

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    Technical server restart at 9 am 8/16!

    Dear ArcheRagers!
    Server will be off for restart on 8/16 at 9 am. This is a technical restart to remove detected gold exploit that was used by gold sellers.

    Important! From now on, we are adding a new rule. All players detected in buying gold for real money will be banned. Unban is going to be possible only in case of credits donation to server that is equal to the gold amount purchased for real money from gold sellers. Gold to credits ratio will be calculated according current market rate.

    Duration time - 20 minutes.
    We apologize for the inconveniences!
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  2. Discipline

    Discipline New Member

  3. Jfoxx

    Jfoxx New Member

    @Sparkle with the current wait to donate to the server - this is atrocious.
    Canadians who play your game are locked out of purchasing crypto (Canadian banks shut down the purchase of said currency).

    Your "alternative" methods are shady and don't work all the time.

    You can't limit the players who are playing your game and go back on a rule you originally made in the first place...

    You're going to lose a large count of your players if you proceed with this.
  4. Splodge

    Splodge Member

    LOL you restarted 15 minutes early. A number of people were still finishing trade runs. This is why I don't run packs :)
  5. khaise

    khaise New Member

    You can still buy pixel game cards and convert them. Also, I live in Canada and I can buy crypto just fine. Did so 3 days ago to buy $20 worth of credits before I realized the converter.
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  6. Mizr

    Mizr New Member

  7. cabbiewabbie

    cabbiewabbie Member

    Have you tried the Russian exchange website where you can purchase with shadowcard I believe?
  8. davter85

    davter85 New Member

  9. Splodge

    Splodge Member

    People who buy gold from gold sellers are complete losers anyway. Personally I think their accounts should be deleted. I wouldn't give them a second chance. Delete the player's account and move on.
  10. khaise

    khaise New Member

    So does this affect people who purchased gold beforehand or only after the restart? For those who don't check the forums, is there going to be a grace period?
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  11. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    say restart is at 9:15 then do it at 9.05, why?
  12. lompino

    lompino New Member

    Keep P2Wers at bay Stand FIRM!!! you will get more players , those p2w are so selfish they'd rather pay alone in the server ,carry on
  13. Theadventone

    Theadventone New Member

    Simple! Just don't buy gold with real money! I do not see anything wrong with this rule.
  14. Moonchan

    Moonchan New Member

    I see nothing wrong with this rule, show them no mercy!
  15. Jfoxx

    Jfoxx New Member

  16. illusia

    illusia Member

  17. khaise

    khaise New Member

    Just to add on, use coinbase if you are desperate. It works in Canada.
  18. Jfoxx

    Jfoxx New Member

    Lol, they people who are saying show them no mercy are the same guys who buy gold ;)
    Screaming PN takes content away from them.
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  19. redbear89

    redbear89 New Member

    it very simple buy from gold sellers get a ban and lose your account
  20. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    that would be fine if they listened to the players who buy credits and get shit on constantly, with ptw boxes full of useless crap like XP elixir's potions and other stuff that simply gets thrown away....

    TBH I can see this server folding if they implement this, multi-boxing is banned here, because they say 4x the labour is enough, yet half the crafting costs loads more labour than live, and live you can have 10 accounts, so reality is with no gold buying allowed, loads will simply quit altogether.
  21. Jfoxx

    Jfoxx New Member

    This is what I was using up until 2 months ago - Bank of Montreal no longer allows purchasing of cryptocurrency.
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