Technical server restart 9 am 8/16

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    too late now I suppose, but at start they should have simply stopped anyone from placing property if the already had a design placed but not built.
  2. Tinnic

    Tinnic New Member

    Guild wars has a credit to gold converter may be somebody that knows more than me could make it work ...Or not .
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  3. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    I do agree RNG boxes do require some rethinking/optimization but still not even a bit sad gold sellers got nuked
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  4. Theadventone

    Theadventone New Member

    I know that Blade And Soul has a credit to gold converter in their game but theirs is called Hongmoon Coins. Its like an auction house and prices are based on how many hongmoon coins are placed up in it by players. Players are also allowed to buy these hongmoon coins which will allow the players putting them up there to get gold. When I was playing it, it appeared like a pretty successful way to sell gold by the game makers.
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  5. charlesada

    charlesada New Member

    better jut do someting with crashing from the server ty
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  6. Tinnic

    Tinnic New Member

    Rng boxes are a bit of a "slap in the face" lucky dip would be better than the unlucky dip that we have now .
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  7. GrumpyCat

    GrumpyCat New Member

    This got lost in the kiddie drama...
    So, it's ok to cheat as long as ArcheRage gets something out of it. Buy gold, toss in a donation, rinse and repeat. That's a Trion tactic. Gold buyers, bots were allowed if the contribution is big enough. Way to follow in their footsteps!
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  8. Dinda

    Dinda New Member

    Having to pay a donation for the exact amount of gold you bought seems like a good way to make people stop buying illegal gold because nobody is that stupid to pay twice for the same service (hopefully).

    But wasn't a better idea just to sell gold/credits via those websites yourself? Because apparently Trion isn't shutting them down. So it would still go towards server donations, you said you stopped the gold exploit so if anyone else is selling gold you can see there plus you will in theory control the market because you have acces to unlimited supply.
  9. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    "Unban is going to be possible only in case of credits donation to server that is equal to the gold amount purchased for real money from gold sellers. Gold to credits ratio will be calculated according current market rate."

    Unless we are not talking about donations for credits instead a punitive cost to keep your account.

    Language is unclear as currently players donate in exchange for credits.

    As off of that language, I could buy 40$ in gold then "donate" the same or slightly greater in exchange for credits and be 100% in the clear

    *edit* Its early I said the same thing twice
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  10. Dinda

    Dinda New Member

    I think you will have to pay for credits equal to the gold you bought but won't receive any credits. It doesn't make any sense to get both gold and credits.
  11. RobVice

    RobVice New Member

    Hey @Sparkle , I'm a big fan of this crackdown, but it really needs to be clarified (and maybe processed through a fluent English speaker), because there is a very ambiguous message here about the unban portion.

    Hypothetical example: Someone buys 10,000 gold from a gold seller. They are caught and banned. You calculate that, per the ingame market, credits are 1:1 with gold (1,000 credits for 1,000 gold), so 10,000 credits worth. Based on the donation page, that's approximately $50, so they would need to donate $50 to get unbanned.

    Are credits simply used as the standard to determine the fee to unban, or are they actually purchasing $50 worth of credits, allowing them to keep the credits they purchased, IN ADDITION to the gold they bought? Does this utilize the bonus for buying credits in bulk, or their base price: example from the donation page: 50 USD = 11800 (9000 + 2800 Bonus)?
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  12. RobVice

    RobVice New Member

    Hah, you posted this while I was typing mine. :D "Punitive cost" is exactly what I was looking for as a term.
  13. Dinda

    Dinda New Member

    You shouldn't receive any credits at all. So if someone gets 10k gold from a 3rd party seller they should check the AH for the price. Seeing how 1credit is worth around 1.7g at this moment than they should have to pay the equivallent of 5882 credits but not receiving any of those just get the account unbanned. So you will pay twice for 1 service.
  14. RobVice

    RobVice New Member

    is the key word. I agree with this concept, and I hope it is their intention, I just want them to make sure their policy language is crystal clear.
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  15. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    The language of the rule and it's implementation needs to be clarified. As currently it is very ambiguous and open to interpretation. Which is not how rules regarding cheating and supporting those who farm our games economy for cash should be treated.
  16. Jessica Baker

    Jessica Baker Member

    there shoould be a panel on the archerage account page to enter in the amount of credits to unban.
  17. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    That is correct.
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  18. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Clarifying - gold buying for real money is forbidden and bannable. Don't buy gold for real money and you'll be fine.
  19. GrumpyCat

    GrumpyCat New Member

    ... and if you are not fine, you have the option to buy your account back. You might as well make a price list of how much a "bannable" offence will cost.
    The best incentive to play fair is loosing everything without the possibility of ever getting it back. Considering players who buy gold do it multiple times, a donation penalty for the time you caught them is laughable.
  20. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    From what you have just said.

    Gold buying is acceptable as long as if you get caught you can pay the hosts for what you illegitimately acquired at the current market rate on top of the initial cost. In addition you get to keep your ill gotten gains, though you did have to pay twice for it.

    That seems like an easily abused rule.

    *edit* an not a

    *Second edit*

    That also creates a market for bots to sell to, as the repercussions are minimal if you hedge your bets or have the credit line to back it.
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