Technical server restart 9 am 8/16

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    So all the whales are laughing their nuts off, when it was not a ban to buy gold, many attained well over 7k GS buy buying gold, so now you have a credit shop which is totally rubbish (still including items that have no value on this server as a main drop from ptw crates) ALL the guys that got ahead via this method can now slow down with the knowledge they will never be caught up!

    This is like Trion all over again, I pity the poor guys who said in chat on live "I am moving to ArcheRage" because they have now lost their trion accounts and come here thinking gold buying was okay!
  2. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    It comes across as; if someone cheats and gets caught, as long as they can pay the hosts its all fine. Further skewing our economy as well as driving a market that makes money for others while damaging the health of the server.

    Pitching in with the bots should be pay your debt to the game and make a new account. Else have your current assets seized and be forever one report away from having your new account shutdown as said person decided to put their old name in /f or get added back to the same family or guild and have their not at hand old assets traded back.

    Pay for 3k$ in credits a month, cool its your cash. Pay bots for gold or items and you should face harsh penalties.
  3. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    If that keeps repeating it will be a perma ban. But don't think players will like the idea to pay twice more expensive.
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  4. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    How many times is "repeating"?
    Is that based on how much someone has paid into the server? As you have stated exemptions to the rule are being based on a cash input into the hosts.

    How much gold and assets get pumped into the server via bots before its an issue, on a per account basis of course.

    This whole idea stinks. As long as you don't get caught or have the ability to pay if you do. Your in the clear. At the same time you increase the market for 3rd party sales.

    Instead of a rolling amnesty program. Why not incentivize players to help solve the other half.

    An idea tossed around for a while as an example; a bounty paid every 14 days in credits for bots found, killed, and, banned. Not to mention the long conversation regarding what items are available in the marketplace. As its already been pointed out before, sections of items in the marketplace are worthless.

    Your only in trouble as long as you get caught and cant pay; comes across as short sighted and malicious.
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  5. Chronologix

    Chronologix New Member

    So, as far as i understand it, you treat this as people with a drug addiction, you find them for having their drug, while the drug dealer keeps selling drugs round the corner.
    I think this is not a bad rule, it's a terrible one, and admins should be trying to:
    1- Redact your posts regarding rules properly as not to make them ambiguous and up to interpretation.
    2- Punish the people selling gold and botting (maybe pay a credit bounty to players, even 100 credits for each proven botter or cheater caught with proof would make people dedicate themselves to hunt the bots)
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  6. GrumpyCat

    GrumpyCat New Member

    Keeps repeating? How many times? 5, 10? Cheat twice, get a third free and a balloon? Where do you draw the line of illegal and bannable and strictly forbidden when you keep a gaping rift open with unclear rules and exceptions to the exceptions?
    Instead of "strictly forbidden" go out and say it - you will unban accounts of whoever pays no matter what they did and now many times they get caught. That's a whole new definition of pay to win and pay to play!
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  7. Drunkenhero

    Drunkenhero Active Member

    I'm not trying to be rude, I have a 6200 gear score and I was on the captain's wheel of my ship with a physical defense shield on and got crit for 12000 points of damage. I really believe it is right to say that you were very late on this. There's many other things I could say but there's no need.
  8. Walrus

    Walrus Member

    When you convert pixel cards you'll get two numbers, the first one listed will be broken up with "-"s like a social security number. This is the ID associated with your purchase not a redeemable code. Clicking on the ID number will send you to another page will a solid block of numbers and/or letters. THIS is the redeemable code.

    Had a guy about a week ago who assumed he was getting scammed because he couldn't redeem any of his codes, he was entering the purchase ID not the actual code.
  9. RobVice

    RobVice New Member

    @Sparkle Thank you for the clarification thus far.

    Please edit the original post to reflect these details, as there are still many people who think buying gold is "allowed as long as you donate" indefinitely.
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    When did I say that? o_O Do you want a ban for slander?

    Good idea. You create bots, give them to us and we reward you with credits. Easiest way for bot profiting. Seriously?!
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Added the details to the rule, for players better understanding.
  12. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    Slander is oral defamation where one person tells another'(s) an untruth about another which will harm their reputation.

    You have stated

    “Unban is going to be possible only in case of credits donation to server that is equal to the gold amount purchased for real money from gold sellers. Gold to credits ratio will be calculated according current market rate.”

    As well as

    Where you confirm the cheater pays for their gold to the Host (Host or Hosts being defined as the Archerage team) at current market rates through monetary transfer to recover access to the game on the offending account.

    You continue with

    “Clarifying - gold buying for real money is forbidden and bannable. Don't buy gold for real money and you'll be fine.”

    Closing with

    "If that keeps repeating it will be a perma ban. But don't think players will like the idea to pay twice more expensive."

    You first state that buying gold from a third party is a bannable offense, then qualify that with an ambiguous method to counter or reverse said ban. That method being paying the Hosts the current market value of said illegal (illegal defined as a violation of statute, regulation, or ordinance) purchase.

    Continuing into that "If that keeps repeating it will be a perma ban. But don't think players will like the idea to pay twice more expensive."

    Repeated meaning "done, made, or said again and again"; which lacks any specific value in the context of your statement. It is ambiguous. It is just as likely that repeated in your context is two as it is twenty. Coupled with you specifically assigning a formula for damages due to the Hosts monetarily.

    While at the same time you do not address, what would happen to the assets illegally acquired or created, nor how they affect the in game economy. As if they continue in game, they still influence the economy.

    With regards to the cost, as in paying twice as much. Records regarding player spending on retail are easily available. In addition, as the Hosts take payment via a method with a public ledger, records of Host income to the account assigned to accept player or customer funds is also available. Not to mention basic market research on the spending of gamer's. This entire line of argument feels like a straw man, data easily showing otherwise.

    We as players are the consumers, Hosts are the supplier, a business. As such we have different goals. Conflict and a difference of opinion and or perspective is going to happen.

    I vehemently disagree with this decision due to the ramifications that have been observed prior, not just in a general sense with regards to MMO's. Inclusive of the game that shares a core codebase.

    In relation to the bounty idea. It is not our job as consumers and players to police the game. We do not have access to the tools nor records to do so efficiently. Though as we are in the game all day every day we can at least be a collective of eyes. Effectively acting as a front line.

    Seeing as we the players play the game with the intention of enjoying our spare time and using our disposable income for our own needs, motivating more than a vocal minority will require a carrot.

    You as Hosts have the tools and access to identify bots; we have more eyes.

    I greatly appreciate what the Archerage team provides. Not just in terms of the game itself, also its management. Which is why I have spent the time to offer criticism. I would prefer that we as consumer and supplier have a long and happy relationship.

    If that is something you believe is a punishable offense. So be it.
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  13. Updown

    Updown Member

    Anyone who defends buying gold is either operating bots, or buying in massive. Bot way ruining market for others, who do it legally, normally. Even if you did that, I can't understand how you can morally defend buying gold. Pathetic.
  14. GrumpyCat

    GrumpyCat New Member

    This is one of the best posts I have read in a long time and clearly outlines every issue this server has. I have experienced first hand what happens when the ArcheRage team doesn't like your opinions but as this post says, we are your customers. Keep shutting us down, threaten, delete posts of reported bots, technical issues and uncomfortable subjects and you will end up with a playerbase of bots, gold sellers and alt accounts. Not characters, accounts. Yet another of your "rules" that has exceptions!

    Most of us came to this server to actually play and not deal with Trion's bullshit but we are faced with absolutely the same corruption on a smaller scale. Every little punk who couldn't compete with the rich kids on live is now here, paying you off and you are happy about it. This juvenile way of running a server has proven a complete disaster many times. The little punks get bored and move on to another game while leaving this one dead and stinking.

    Even if we like a game, we play as entertainment not as obligation. Threats from the ArcheRage team intended to shut up a player who is right are ridiculous. There are other games, other servers, newer and better. ArcheAge in general is an old game and interest in it is greatly diminished. This "rule" shows clearly what the ArcheRage team values and it's not a loyal player.
  15. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I guess you were RMTing (or were going to) and unhappy now. Can't though ignore your words regarding "Threats from the ArcheRage team". What??? Stop spreading misleading info.

    Previous player said "As you have stated exemptions to the rule are being based on a cash input into the hosts" and that's not true and indeed an attempt of slander. That was never said by Administration, so no need to try twisting any words because you are angry about the rule that doesn't satisfy your expectations.
  16. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    GrumpyCat won his ban continuing spreading misleading info even after he was warned.
  17. Twainhearts

    Twainhearts New Member

    @Ashu While everything you posted on Sparkles previous post are technically correct, I think you are focusing on the letter, and not the intent. Sparkle and all the Archerage staff are human, and can make errors in how they express their thoughts and ideas.

    The way I interpreted the initial post by Sparkle was that every gold buyer will be banned. Those wishing to appeal that ban can do so, and having contributed to the server previously in an amount that is actually significant would be taken into consideration.

    There are a lot of post on this by now, so I may have missed it, but that appeal is probably a one time deal. If they gold buy and are banned again, there is no un-ban.
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