The Gods Hate Me >.< - Gods Disconnect Over and Over

Discussion in 'Server issues' started by vvshadowfangvv, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. vvshadowfangvv

    vvshadowfangvv New Member

    still getting a "the gods have disconnected you. check your net connection" error whenever I try to click on the server and load my character list. been going on for a few hours now. D: I cannot even get to my characters list.
    i just installed this game on my laptop a few days ago and since then until today I have had no issues with connecting and playing. i just panted over 77 worms to be back in an hour to pick them up and now im going to lose them and have no gold to buy anymore. i cannot get to my character to log in no matter what i do. please fix this server and the logins. D:
  2. vvshadowfangvv

    vvshadowfangvv New Member

    Sparkle? Anyone? Can anyone help me with this issue?
    any of the admins? Ive already noted to the Gms, both I and my partner have with a ticket, that we are not currently living in a stable home anymore and are in a car and using a laptop to connect so my IP will change constantly. They said it would be noted on our accounts and now all we are doing is being disconnected whenever we try and play. PLEASE HELP.
  3. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    You are disconnect due to a connection timeout. Nothing from our side is preventing your connection.
    However you're trying to connect is not giving a stable connection
  4. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This error is caused by your connection instability. Nothing blocking you from our side.
  5. vvshadowfangvv

    vvshadowfangvv New Member

    Okay thank you Sparkle. Maybe its the motels net thats shoddy and having issues. you pay extra for higher speed and they give you access codes for a full 24 hrs for the net while staying here. Maybe they block MMORPGs or movie watching. :p
  6. vvshadowfangvv

    vvshadowfangvv New Member

    Thanks Sjinderson :D appreciate the clearing up of the issue from both you and Sparkle. *high fives*

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