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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    Dear Community!

    Today we are pleased to introduce a new way of communication with the ArcheRage AdministrationTicket System.

    This system was implemented to help you easier get in touch with Administration regarding your questions and concerns. You’ll not need to search for the proper section on the forum to post your question, report or appeal anymore, but will just need to create a ticket and expect for your reply.

    Ticket System includes the following categories:

    - Ban Appeal (to Appeal regarding the ban on your in-game account)

    - Bug report (report in-game issues that are/maybe considered a bug)

    - Player report (report a player you suspect in cheating, hacking, gold selling, players insult, harassment, etc)

    - Suggestion (your ideas and thoughts are always welcomed)

    - Question (you have any question – choose this category)

    You can create and keep 5 active (opened) tickets in total. As soon as your old tickets are closed you can create new ones. Total of opened tickets maximum will still be limited to 5.

    The Reports & Ban Appeals section you’ve previously used for report is going to be closed for further postings shortly today. All already posted reports are going to be checked and replied there. Further concerns should be forwarded through the Ticket System

    The private messages for IronLady, Sparkle and LightSeeker are disabled from today as well. All messages that were sent by the players are going to be replied within 24 hours. Forward your further questions through the Ticket System, we’ll be glad to take care of them and bring the reply.

    Ticket system is for your Communication with Administration only.

    If you have questions to our Elders you can continue posting your requests using Contact Moderators forum.

    Please follow the link to the Ticket System Guide: https://na.archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/ticket-system-guide.3593/

    Feel free to post your further questions if any. We’ll be happy to Assist :)
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  2. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    Well this seems nice, its clear why you have been so busy lately.

    Now i can finally go on vacation :)
  3. Justice

    Justice Elder

    Not a moment too soon :)
  4. fclan

    fclan New Member

    Sparkle How can I send a private message to you?
  5. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member


    Private messages are turned off for the time being, but you can freely send a ticket concerning any issue you come upon and it will be answered there more effectively.

    Thank you
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  6. XiCynx

    XiCynx Active Member

    Please increase the character limit on these tickets... 3/4 of my ticket was erased into nothing because it didn't advise I went over this hidden limit. Make it 2500 character or something, right now it seems to be 500 which is quite small and allows no detail.
  7. XiCynx

    XiCynx Active Member

    Yeah.. I just tried to finished entering in my description of the ticket and the answer posts are only like.. 50 character limits... I need to revise my ticket how can I do this?
  8. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    They need to adapt it, please be patient since the ticket system is new and it will have improvements.
    @IronLady @Sparkle
  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @XiCynx The limit is 1000 characters per message. You can post several messages in 1 ticket. Limits for each message are the same - 1000 characters. Also, when you try to post a message in the ticket and it's over this limit, system just doesn't let you post a message and you receive a notification The message length is too long (max chars length is 1000)! So nothing is just erased.
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  10. XiCynx

    XiCynx Active Member

    Was that just recently updated because it didn't notify me when I submitted. It also didn't let me post multiple messages in the ticket only answers after the initial post was made.
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    No, it was there from the beginning. We just tested it yesterday to make sure it's working fine.
  12. mattd7051

    mattd7051 New Member

    Ticket opened, Upon logging in it did something that dismounted data or something. My account was flagged and banned for having a modified client. I'm a casual player and haven't modified the client in any way. Is this a known issue?
  13. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Not a known issue if you do not get a response in 48 hours please post your ticket number in Mod forms and I will expedite it with the admins.
  14. mattd7051

    mattd7051 New Member

    Thank you for the reply. I even used the repair files after the game got automatically closed the first time, and after a few minutes of play it was flagged again and account blocked.
  15. Lucas Panariello

    Lucas Panariello New Member

    When I ask for another password, it tells me "Request processing error!" and therefore I can not connect to your site to make a ticket otherwise I would have done yesterday before coming to the Forum
  16. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Forum and website (game) accounts are different. To login your Account Panel, use a website login and password. We also recommend to try another browser to login. If you still have any issues, provide us with a screenshot, showing this error (Request processing error).
  17. Lucas Panariello

    Lucas Panariello New Member

  18. Lucas Panariello

    Lucas Panariello New Member

  19. Lucas Panariello

    Lucas Panariello New Member

    here are the screenshots of the error messages
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  20. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    The first failed because your browser blocked the script.
    The second failed because you didn't enter any login details

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