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    [Game Event] Raging Tanks Results May 1, 2020

    because it's appropriate
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    Server problem ?

    works fine on my system using 10 PRO.
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    Seabreeze compass/telescope design (Found one)

    No I don't, I was mistaken. sorry
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    Seabreeze compass/telescope design (Found one)

    I've got 2 designs, I'll sell you one this evening.
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    Boarding an enemy ship is very frustrating, lol. Every tab is another cannon and never a player...
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    4.0 Maintenance Tomorrow

    all of their updates have been this short. MUCH better than retail....
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    Appreciation Gifts for Active players!

    bait fishing is a quick way to level, especially using the xp buffs you get. I can send you worms and a rod to help if you need :D
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    New style of banning: Mimicry.

    Kill it! Burn it with fire!
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    New style of banning: Mimicry.

    you all are so freaking frail, this is really a 7 page thread?!?! If this were real life, I would expect Krystal to recognize a request to not speak to someone that way or just not talk to them at all. But this is a VIDEO GAME, people! You don't like it, block her! End of story! Now I need to...
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    Fun with Sjinderson in DS

    That's because Wyatt is also a world boss, lol.
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    <Item Stacking Changes> Part 4

    Why not 10k? I have over 4k of these right now. Using just 1 inventory space instead of 5 would be great!
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    Trial and sentence times

    I always give inno for "stealing" crops. If you are lucky enough to find a wild farm, good for you. Just don't chop down fruit trees!!
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    Bug: No longer stackable items

    Can confirm, just mail the items to yourself and the grade will change to the new.
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    Is it possible to give the stone pack a higher xp cap? at least 1 grade higher (unique). When mass farming, these things fill up too fast...