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    No Ezi's Light

    Have you completed the quest in order to get Ezi's Light?
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    Screen Resolution

    Hi, have you tried different modes, e.i. usual Windowed Mode? Windowed Mode or Borderless Windowed Mode shoud be able to window a game.
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    Failed to load game data error

    Hi @Flub, We do have an article with most common issues: Have you checked it? Either way, please submit a ticket, specifying the issue you are getting, and we will take a closer look into...
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    Everyone will be replied in tickets. It takes some time to review all your requests.
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    Warborn Female bug

    Hi @OtakuCanuck, we would appreciate the information to be sent in the ticket. Related screenshots are also highly desirable. Please mention if you are getting any messages while trying to change hair colour.
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    New Player, Longer Loading Screen than normal

    Hi, do you run the game at maximum settings with DX9 or DX11? It might help, if you lower the settings and make change to DX9.
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    3.0 Launch Request

    Most likely the release will happen in the 2nd half of the March. However, we will give 1-week heads up at the minimum, so everyone is aware (if it's possible to update the community 2 weeks prior the release we will do so).
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    Please stop this ...... (loading screen updates)

    @Auramek While you've mentioned Client issue - have you tried to Repair the Client or/and reinstall it?
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    Staff update

    We'd like to inform that Ryuzaki no longer holds the position of the Moderator. Please address all your questions to other Forum staff members. We wanna thank Ryuzaki for his contribution into the Forum and game events. It was a pleasure to work together.
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    Hidden Mechanics Transparency @Admins

    Hi, thanks for the questions, however, we do not think that providing such information to a playerbase will have positive outcome, therefore, in order to avoid any speculation on the forum we will not reveal the information.
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    In-game boutique

    As of 02.07.2018 Aquatic Archeum Box which contains: Superior Worker's Compensation: 500 LP Worker's Inspiration Greedy Dwarven Elixir Studious Dwarven Elixir Brisk Dwarven Elixir Exquisite Dwarven Elixir Weapon Regrade Scroll Armor Regrade Scroll Companion Crust Fusion Alembic Fine Fire...
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    Server restart 7 am 2/7 --> time moved to 9 am

    Technical server restart at 7 am 02/07! Duration time 30 minutes. Updates: - In-game boutique update; - DGS reward changed back to 3k gold per each
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    【 Game Event 】ArtRage Form

    Amazing work, guys! Congrats all the Winners!
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    Get to loading screen then nothing happens

    Hi, have you checked this article: Depending on the step at which the Client crashes, there are at least 2 solutions listed in it.
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    Approved FoV Mod

    None from the FOV mods mentioned in were disapproved. In the opposite case we would inform everyone.