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    I took a look at the current trade pack recipes. I think for balance reasons, the recipes for these new trade packs should use the rare items from the current specialty pack ingredients. Of the current ingredients, there are 15 items used on both continents. For fairness and balance reasons I...
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    I'd like to see Specialty Tradepacks that use the Rare items we get from Harvesting while Farming & Gathering. These packs would then be turned in for gold, at the same rate as the tier1 Specialty Pack. Their 'bonus' would be that they have less materials over all, but their 'balance' is that...
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    Would it be possible to get new tradepacks added to the game?
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    Would it be possible to do an alternate server that used the Alpha/pre-1.0 version of the game? This version was considered by many former players to be one of the best versions of ArcheAge before it was ruined by p2w mechanics. I know this version was launched in RU but don't know how possible...
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    Gold Income

    I'm pretty carebear and earn roughly 300-600g an hour doing safe zone trade runs. That's an average estimate, and depends on what packs I'm running and how many runs I do. I used to do armor crafting and either sell my wisps or sell Delphs, that made more money but I got bored by bad RNG. It...
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    Can we get the Merchant Costumes in the Cash Shop

    This costume: It provides a bonus to move speed that stacks with tractors. Can we also have the Fishing Costume: This item adds a boost to sports fishing and swim speed. These two costumes together...
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    3.0 Loot drop vs 2.9

    I also noticed while grinding in Auroria that mob drops are lower now than they were 2.9 I'd like to see a return to the 2.9 loot table
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    500 Big Belly Fish Results

    How long did it take you to reach 230k fishing prof?
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    [Pirate FACTION Issues]

    If they made Neutral Faction guards actually Neutral and not attack pirates it would make the faction more interesting and perhaps even boost water pvp between continents.
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    Easier Way To Donate Method

    Using this method you can use dollars/paypal
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    3.0 / 3.5 Fresh Start Server?

    This is a really good point. - There were a lot of people in the beginning who didn't come to the Private Server because they weren't sure if it would get shut down, or if it would last. There were also people who didn't even know about it until 2 weeks+ in and they didn't want to come because...
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    Any RP guilds?

    Was an RP Guild ever formed?
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    3.0 / 3.5 Fresh Start Server?

    While I wouldn't mind starting over on a Fresh Server, eventually it would have the same issues as this one if nothing is done to prevent those issues occuring in the first place. But I agree that the first three months here were really fun, the most fun I had in ArcheAge since 2014. It's too...
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    What's the population/land situation like?

    If any new players read this thread wondering, I ended up re-joining the server and I was able to find land. There is still room for land in certain spots. Rokhala still has land. There's room for 8x8's in almost every zone, and we have the new stellar 8x8 series in the cash shop. You can find...
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    Lunarite Generation Needed!

    Add them to coin purses! Make Larceny Great Again!