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    Calmlands Siege

    What do Judas, Benedict Arnold, and the 4 people that were kicked from Varsity have in common? 🤣🤣🤣
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    Any of you remember that shitty West healer that posted shitty AR PvP vid's on YouTube ? Peep...

    Any of you remember that shitty West healer that posted shitty AR PvP vid's on YouTube ? Peep this
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    One card tarot readings

    Q #1: Is Karen really pregnant with my Kid or is that Beech cap'n? " I am like 69% sure I used protection" Q #2: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Q #3: Will Threeve return when the 6.2 patch drops?
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    [Forum Event] Spread a Word! (Advertising Event)

    I made three AR promo video's in my time ( 2019,2020, & 2021) I even won in 2020 but the vid is not on the AR YouTube page >=( I miss the old days of this server because there was more fun, salt , and laughs. Good luck and hope there is more than just one Video entry
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    Tax increase (again) - Quick thought

    I mean for land hoarders it sucks for sure. Maybe this was the answer Havockitty was looking for all those years! Well I guess you pay more in taxes or get rid of land. Consolidate and just keep what you need and dump the excess. This tax change was no secret and most of us prepared accordingly.
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    [Festival] Hallowtide Festival

    I mean dude has a point and it is clearly ruining the fun for people. I think warnings should be issued first and if it continues follow up with some temp bans imo. I mean dude wrote the magnum opus of forum posts so you have to do something. Let him throw dem candy's !!!
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    Laugh more

    yea guild tags be like that. I am just doing some light trash talk hoping to motivate people/build hype. Many things i say and do are to that end. Who dosn't like silencing a loud mouth trash talker? I was encouraging to East players for many months now and my friends that had shown any kind...
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    Laugh more

    This also coming from a member of the most geared guild on East. It dosnt surprise me that you would suggest that. Shadow Guild Rules #1 Be gear carried #2 Talk trash from Nui after getting dunked on #3 Port out ( In that order) * Shadowrus is an exception. Terv is a champion
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    Laugh more

    Off topic from this thread but checking out the Companion forum event and saw your post. Sorry to hear your dog passed and it was a good way to honor his memory. Pets to many of us are more like family than just a pet.
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    Laugh more

    I did take in consideration time zones but that is more of a faction coordination/leadership thing. We coordinate with Iron head and they speak Mandarin with a big time zone difference. How many times has East or West that exiled East asked for "time changes" to various events so more people...
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    Laugh more

    Just make a guild called " FCK HCIC and IHG" get every geared pvp'er you can and sync time zones within guild. Make your sole focus be dumpster us at everything ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Denying pvp by avoiding it is not empowering. I have been on that side of things vs Pirates and tbh did not like it...
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    Laugh more

    lol man i guess you really know how west works. See HCIC and IHG already do that but we purple. We even have purpled on our own faction events after ppl get credit no cap. We have some really fun pvp with IHG and we steal each others packs. It is all for sport and it took time but IHG has fun...
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    Laugh more

    I do because I wanted more/better pvp. That is what i enjoy most about the game.
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    [Forum Event] My ArcheRage Game Zone

    Yea but i like em WIDE! That Under Armor water bottle is not what it appears to be! It is my "extra mic" ;)