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    [Forum Event] Autumn Vibes

    IGN: Tristram Entry #1: Harbinger of Fall Type: Screenshot (edited) Entry #2: Idylle Nocturne Type: Screenshot (edited)
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    [Forum Event] Anniversary Randomizer

    #36 Happy third anniversary, ArcheRage. Here's to many more.
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    This would be great, but if it's not technically feasible, there are already many banners with various lore-appropriate designs all over the gameworld, those could be implemented in some capacity too.
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    If there is a serious will to add furniture and decorative items, might I suggest releasing them in themed/related packs instead of just random single items? @Sparkle - if you could inform us on how you'd actually be implementing these (as craftable items like regular Mirage furniture, festival...
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    [Forum Event] True Magic Gardener

    Rokhala Castle (Courtyard & Park) IGN: Tristram Land: 24x24 Gazebo Farm, 44x44 Stone Slate Mansion * Best visited at night, the Rokhala Castle is situated in a trivially defensible valley south of Loka's Nose, its sole vulnerability being the largely forgotten G.L.I.D.E. strategy...
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    ArcheRage 5.0 (development-release info)

    Please scroll down and read the entire comment section on this video.
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    ArcheRage 5.0 (development-release info)

    World gates can no longer be used to place housing decor mid-air. Could you please not implement this, placing objects on world gates is a very important building "feature" (that's even described as a staple technique in decorating tutorials such as this one). It allows for precise placement of...
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    Auction House Listing Period Change

    However, this removes the psychological pressure for people to correct the prices of the ultra-expensive items - if you're forced to relist them every 48 hours, you'll reconsider the price each time, and might lower it significantly if it hasn't sold yet. The expensive weapon from your example...
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    Auction House Listing Period Change

    I can't say I wouldn't like to see a longer timer on some items, but for some it would probably be detrimental to the economy (or at least would be if the economy was more lively) because of the importance of undercutting, buying things out, setting your own price, then getting undercut by...
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    Revert/Change Boss Timers

    This proposed change can be made entirely irrelevant by the 20 players in question either simply recruiting 10 more people so that they can do two things at once, or allying with a guild of 10-20 active players to keep the monopoly, as was historically the case (but with slightly different...
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    From what I've been reading on live forums, practically no one liked the new trade system, and still having the old trade system is actually one of the main selling points when one is describing this server to potential new players. We're already at a rather unpopular patch, so if further...
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    [Forum Event] Fly ArcheRage

    IGN: Tristram Title: Eternal Struggle Description: Frozen in time, their souls lie dormant. Waiting for the world to be reborn.
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    Thank you, I had no idea that's where they ended up!
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    If we're talking about bringing back items removed for no good reason on live, here's a list of decorative metal ingots (copper/silver/gold ingots and stacks of ingots): These used to be pretty neat looking items that you could stack around a forge, or make a silver/gold hoard next to your...
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    [Forum Event] ArcheRage Comics

    IGN: Tristram Category: Screenshots Comics Title: Diplomacy