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    [Gifts Exchange Event] Secret Santa 2020

    Yeah I'm curious of that as well.
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    [Forum Event] Christmas Handmade

    You should be! They are beautiful! It's nice to have a fashion designer getting to join in this way.
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    [Forum Event] Christmas Handmade

    [/code] And then to edit a post if you click at the bottom left of your existing post you should be able to edit. [/SPOILER]
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    [Gifts Exchange Event] Secret Santa 2020

    IGN: Zanna With each season that has past, something new was brought to us. Remember to cherish the memories, the laughs and the friends you've made this year. Wishing each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas.
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    [Forum Event] Christmas Handmade

    In Game Name: Zanna I made a dog bed out of cardboard, foam, LOTS of Tape & SO MANY STAPLES. Yata head, plaque, and xmas tree are created from foam, scissors, and permanent marker. Things I did not craft in these photos: Dog, Penguin stuffed animal, & blankets. I did this as a gift for my baby...
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    [Forum Event] Anniversary Randomizer

    #33 The treats are always the best part of any party!!
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    [Forum Event] ArcheRage Comics

    Alrighty so what I decided to do was less of a comic strip and more of a panel displaying Several guilds personified as characters. Due to time issues with my newly busy rl I wasn't able to do more than this. So look to the future for possible color. Lets see if you can guess what character...
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    [Forum Event] Bring one, Bring them all! Start a new adventure with others.

    Username: Zanna Category: Video Public Video Link: Advertisement posts:
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    [Forum Event] Summer Hype

    Reserved :D Looking forward to everyone's entries!! EDIT: Hanging out with my friends around the campfire listening to some good music. This is the main thing I love about camping. After getting the tent set up, I'm ready for the night. The forest can be so beautiful!!! So great to find the...
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    [Forum Event] Loading...

    DPS CONGA LINE IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE EVENT <3333 Count me in for this lols Edit: I'm not as impressed with my work this round but since I'm out of time and I did put a lot of work into it, this is the best I got to do this round. Very impressed seeing all the other entries thus far...
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    [Game Event] Raging Tanks Friday May 8, 2020 @ 6pm EST (Server Time)

    Team #8 Team: "idk" Zanna & Himawaritsuki
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    [Forum Event] Art Competition

    Entry #1 Zanna Hasla's Wildlife Portrait of the Red Fox during the day light. Screenshot & edited digitally Apparently, At night it transforms into the Mistwalker Fox. Entry #2 Zanna Halls of Exloch In the tunnels surrounding Serpentis, you can find a very special type of pebble. Screenshot...
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    DPS Train - Conga line from Austera to Villanelle

    Yesterday the Penguins hosted a Conga dance line through the city and up the mountains for no apparent reason other than to kick back have lols and hang out together. This took us over an hour and a half to complete, however we've speed the video clips up just a bit... Its still a pretty long...
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    [Forum Event] Egg Hunter (handmade contest)

    ooooooohhhhh yays <3 I'd like the jammies please <3