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  1. bakka

    How does ranking work?

    *edit* fixed dunno how to delete the thread
  2. bakka

    [Forum Event] United by ArcheRage

    IGN: Jaconbeewizz
  3. bakka

    [Forum Event] Open House

    Reserved :3
  4. bakka

    [Forum Event] Mr & Ms(Mrs) AR Summer

    ABOUT US Well where to begin with Jacon... If you've ever seen his character in game then you know he isn't much to look at - in fact he's so ugly it's funny. From what I can tell, Jacon is a goofball both in the game and in real life. I have no idea what Jacon does for money in AA, since...
  5. bakka

    Stuck on blank login screen

    Thank you so much - I was using a ping reducer but I had uninstalled it without first turning it off. I reinstalled noping, turned it off and the uninstalled and it worked perfectly!
  6. bakka

    Stuck on blank login screen

    Game was running fine yesterday but today I can't get past the intro screen if I'm lucky. It'll stay on this screen for maybe 10 seconds and then close the game with no error message. I've done a bunch of uninstalls + clearing out any left over files. I have all my firewalls disabled (yikes)...