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    [Forum Event] ArcheRage Photo Story

    IGN: Seresuta Nearly a year ago, I came to ArcheRage, cold and alone After working tirelessly I finally managed to get my first house But some mistakes were made along the way So I tried to participate in the community I discovered that people suck, so I got a beach house to waste...
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    Winter Maiden Festival!

    Just a small guide to get you started with the Winter Maiden Festival
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    Forum mini-event II

    IGN: Seresuta Class: Abolisher Interests: Kidnapping AFKs and throwing them in the river Other: Cosmetics!
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    New Player Video Guides!

    Housing and Property
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    Gweonid Lantern Festival/Thanksgiving

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    This would also be interesting to see XD But the reason I suggest this is a friend was recently scammed by someone after 8 months of clean trading. I have seen a lot of complaints about packs disappearing off of properties when it was supposed to be a trusted group. Be nice to know who did the...
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    What about a chain of custody for non-larder packs? Like when you receive the payment as the crafter, it includes a list of each player who touched the pack. This would be fantastic in determining who stole a pack from guild/family property but I am not sure how much of a hassle it would be to...
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    Suggestion to add a permission in the guild roles that allows the Guild Leader to give permission to another rank to accept guild recruitment applicants. I know there are ways around this, I am making the suggestion as a convenience thing.
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    NPC in Blueglass, Sandeep. Male and female versions right across from each other
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    Does this already exist? If not, add this to costumes!
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    Pawesome Festival!

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    New Player Video Guides!

    Getting to level 48 - [Long Gameplay] What to do after reaching level 52 [Starting Bluesalt Quests] Continuing the Journey Following Bluesalt and Storyline Side quests and level 55
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    New guilds content: guild functions!

    I have to concur on this. Guild leaders definitely need an audit log. Maybe something that can be cleared by the guild leader but viewable by the entire guild? And agreeing that in addition to permission levels, each permission level having an adjustable daily limit of in and out of the guild bank.
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    New Player Video Guides!

    This is a work in progress with new videos being added frequently! Always come back and check for updates! Download and Installation of ArcheRage - [OLD VERSION!! New version coming soon!] Getting familiar with Settings and User Interface - [This is just Settings and UI] Getting to level...
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    New Player Guides!

    Video is recorded, edited, rendered, and uploaded in 1080P60FPS. YouTube is just very slow at processing the video. Until processing is complete, 360P is the best YouTube will offer. This issue is already resolved, it just isn't reflecting that yet. I DO have a few videos that point out the...
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    New Player Guides!

    Starting a new series on my youtube channel intended for people new to the game, not just the server. I will post additional videos here as they are made: First video covers UI and options Video 2 - Level -> 14 Video 3 - Level -> 24
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