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  1. iHateMeta

    [Game Event] Raging Tanks Results

    Best event ever
  2. iHateMeta

    [Gifts Exchange Event] Secret Santa

    ign: ihatemeta Happy exams! and i want time! q.q
  3. iHateMeta

    4.5 hiram

    Those who say Hiram is fine are stupid enough to think that people are ACTUALLY going to do farming, fishing, trade runs, alchemy, mining, husbandry, commerce, gathering, etc to progress instead of the upcoming dailies that are probably going to kill this with the new player progression system...
  4. iHateMeta

    [Forum Event] Thanksgiving Week!

    -Thank you madone for giving me farming space -Thank you hendrickds for showing me a lot of stuff and helping me with mats. -Thanks AR staff for making this server -Thanks to onidemo for showing me about trade runs -Thanks for keeping this server ON :D
  5. iHateMeta

    authorisation is failed, i can't do captcha

    don't worry i managed to create another account with a 32 length password
  6. iHateMeta

    authorisation is failed, i can't do captcha

    i did that and confirmed my e-mail before but after that i can't do nothing that has to be done with captcha. Not even register on the game.
  7. iHateMeta

    authorisation is failed, i can't do captcha

    why? i try to log with my account here and it says the same every time i want to do the captcha and log to my account, i even tried to make a new one but it didn't work. i can't even log on the game beacuse it says that my username or password is incorrect.
  8. iHateMeta

    Instant crash?

    I put my username and password, launch the game, loads the text in a myth age and then it instantly crashes. i tried to disable my AV and same thing.