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    Winter Maiden Festival!

    Just a small guide to get you started with the Winter Maiden Festival
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    Gweonid Lantern Festival/Thanksgiving

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    Pawesome Festival!

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    New Player Video Guides!

    This is a work in progress with new videos being added frequently! Always come back and check for updates! Download and Installation of ArcheRage - [OLD VERSION!! New version coming soon!] Getting familiar with Settings and User Interface - [This is just Settings and UI] Getting to level...
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    New Player Guides!

    Starting a new series on my youtube channel intended for people new to the game, not just the server. I will post additional videos here as they are made: First video covers UI and options Video 2 - Level -> 14 Video 3 - Level -> 24
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    Zodiac Festival

    And for the last part, you need someone else to tend to your sapling, and you can tend to other people's saplings to acquire "Zodiac Leaf" which will award you 3 festival tokens after you collect 15.
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    Autumn Lore Festival

    It's so easy to do, might as well do it
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    Cogwheel Longboard Without TS Logs!

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    Stat Migration

    Just a short video for stat migration
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    Summer Festivals!

    This is a walkthrough showing the Summer Festivals quests EXCEPT for "Aerial Delivery" and "An Unwelcome Guest" as those 2 are time specific and I am not available to record during those times.
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    Noob Level Gold Farming!

    This is just a video of simple gold farming tips. NOT all inclusive!
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    Download and Installation

    Very basic instructions to get ArcheRage on your machine.
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    Quests, Leveling, and Tips

    Just some simple starter advice, please contribute if I missed anything vital!
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    When no one told you how to hold a mace

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    Marketplace Double Listing

    Just noticed some items listed twice in the same category in the marketplace such as under the "Main" tab, under "All," page 6/7, "Character Slot Expansion" is listed twice on the right side. Appears to be identical. Main->All-> page 4/7 and 7/7 "Expansion Scroll" These are the only 2 I found...