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  1. Trixiy

    Ambiance Sounds Gone?

    Yesterday all of my ambiance sounds have gone away, I have tried several thing to fix to no avail. this happend while in game. No wind sound no birds chirping....just the sound of my footsteps ?? ETA: I have tried on three different computers and there is no ambiance sounds on any of them.
  2. Trixiy

    Black Lightning !

    Can we please get this mount in game ??
  3. Trixiy

    Loyalty tokens for donating?

    Is this no longer the case? I have donated several times and have recieved no extra tokens.
  4. Trixiy

    Do we really need this in the game?

  5. Trixiy

    Red Farm Freighter to Red Rudolph Freighter ?

    How do you change the red farm freighter into a red rudolph freighter? I see no way on folio to do it?
  6. Trixiy

    The festival costumes

    The Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume and the Icekissed one are suppose to give you the ability to play festive music but they do not, is this intentional?
  7. Trixiy

    Rudolph Hauler

    Will we be getting these?
  8. Trixiy

    Crest Items ?

    Is there any chance we can get the crest column and crest bed added to marketplace?
  9. Trixiy

    Hello Kitty Items

    Is an RNG box really the only way we can get these? I would really like that little car but can not afford to throw hundreds of RL dollars into it for a chance, will there be a way to buy them straight up from marketplace in the future or am I doomed to never have one?
  10. Trixiy

    Black Screen After Archerage Splash

    It's in the title, tried several times and just getting a black screen after the Archerage splash screen. Is something down?