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  1. Tenjuin

    Scarecrow quest

    Hello, I was wondering what I'm doing wrong. I would like to recieve a Scarecrow design, which is awarded after completing a Blue Salt Brotherhood questline. I'm from the East Faction, Harrani. I thought it was at Tigerspine Mountains but no luck there, tried Austra in Solis Headlands and...
  2. Tenjuin

    Class with Occultism (Skullknight/Defiler)

    Hello, I've always been a Cleric when playing games and I loved playing as one in Archeage. But now I'm ready for something new. I really like the Occultism tree in Archeage and wish to find a build that uses Occultism as it's main thing. I found Skullknight (Occ/Def/Aur) and Defiler...