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  1. Jessica Baker

    In-Depth Donation Guide for Archex

    Just a note: Some of my friends and new guild members read the original guide and were a bit confused on the directions, so I decided to create a new guide that would have more detailed instructions on getting their credits rather than having to explain the process multiple times. 'idk So here...
  2. Jessica Baker

    Dream Ring Broken Bug

    The dream ring became broken after the latest patch. You get a notification that it's broken, so then when you repair it while still wearing it. Then everything becomes locked and you cannot unequip or switch any of your armor or costumes. Did find a temporary fix though. 1. Restart Client 2...
  3. Jessica Baker

    Jesswii's Artdump

    Been wanting to start my own dump thread. I've been drawing since 2007, but still learning. I've got a new Imgur for posting my recent art. Please find it here: Message me on discord for questions: Jesswii#6568 Tools of the trade: Wacom Bamboo Tablet Model...