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  1. Tenjuin

    Scarecrow quest

    Hello, I was wondering what I'm doing wrong. I would like to recieve a Scarecrow design, which is awarded after completing a Blue Salt Brotherhood questline. I'm from the East Faction, Harrani. I thought it was at Tigerspine Mountains but no luck there, tried Austra in Solis Headlands and...
  2. Tenjuin

    Class with Occultism (Skullknight/Defiler)

    Thanks alot for the info! I'm a bit more clever after that answer of yours :)
  3. Tenjuin

    Class with Occultism (Skullknight/Defiler)

    Hello, I've always been a Cleric when playing games and I loved playing as one in Archeage. But now I'm ready for something new. I really like the Occultism tree in Archeage and wish to find a build that uses Occultism as it's main thing. I found Skullknight (Occ/Def/Aur) and Defiler...
  4. Tenjuin

    New Players

    I agree. I am not a new player and I'm a farmer in game. So I have no gear whatsoever. Now it's going to be impossible to survive not only old players but also new ones.. It makes me want to delete my account and start anew... It's so unfair and I hope they understand that this is not the...