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  1. Insidiouschicken

    [Game Event] Raging Tanks Results May 1, 2020

    because it's appropriate
  2. Insidiouschicken

    Server problem ?

    works fine on my system using 10 PRO.
  3. Insidiouschicken

    Seabreeze compass/telescope design (Found one)

    No I don't, I was mistaken. sorry
  4. Insidiouschicken

    Seabreeze compass/telescope design (Found one)

    I've got 2 designs, I'll sell you one this evening.
  5. Insidiouschicken


    Boarding an enemy ship is very frustrating, lol. Every tab is another cannon and never a player...
  6. Insidiouschicken

    4.0 Maintenance Tomorrow

    all of their updates have been this short. MUCH better than retail....
  7. Insidiouschicken

    Appreciation Gifts for Active players!

    bait fishing is a quick way to level, especially using the xp buffs you get. I can send you worms and a rod to help if you need :D
  8. Insidiouschicken

    New style of banning: Mimicry.

    Kill it! Burn it with fire!
  9. Insidiouschicken

    New style of banning: Mimicry.

    you all are so freaking frail, this is really a 7 page thread?!?! If this were real life, I would expect Krystal to recognize a request to not speak to someone that way or just not talk to them at all. But this is a VIDEO GAME, people! You don't like it, block her! End of story! Now I need to...
  10. Insidiouschicken

    Fun with Sjinderson in DS

    That's because Wyatt is also a world boss, lol.
  11. Insidiouschicken

    <Item Stacking Changes> Part 4

    Why not 10k? I have over 4k of these right now. Using just 1 inventory space instead of 5 would be great!
  12. Insidiouschicken

    Trial and sentence times

    I always give inno for "stealing" crops. If you are lucky enough to find a wild farm, good for you. Just don't chop down fruit trees!!
  13. Insidiouschicken

    Bug: No longer stackable items

    Can confirm, just mail the items to yourself and the grade will change to the new.
  14. Insidiouschicken


    Is it possible to give the stone pack a higher xp cap? at least 1 grade higher (unique). When mass farming, these things fill up too fast...
  15. Insidiouschicken

    [Game event] Winter Maiden Festival!!!

    @Vallie I farmed mobs at the Heedmar lodestone. got all 8 drops in about 30 mins along with a bunch of purses and crates
  16. Insidiouschicken

    Easier Way To Donate Method

    I've read that a few people had this experience, not sure why. Every time that I have donated using Pixel game card it was ready within minutes, 15 tops.
  17. Insidiouschicken

    New auto loot pet item

    The idea of overnight team botting is broken anyway, right? Auto-roll is disabled as soon as a person gets the away tag...
  18. Insidiouschicken

    Illegal PvP

  19. Insidiouschicken

    Luna gems.

    That is correct.