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    Can we get the Merchant Costumes in the Cash Shop

    This costume: It provides a bonus to move speed that stacks with tractors. Can we also have the Fishing Costume: This item adds a boost to sports fishing and swim speed. These two costumes together...
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    What's the population/land situation like?

    Is the server still active, and is there any free land available?
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    Aged Aquaculture Packs

    Hi! Aquafarms are currently only used to grow corals, pearls, and some octopus fish. It would be nice if there was a way to have Aquaculture Aged Packs, similar to the aged packs that are on land farms. This would be a nice boost to players who can only use Aquafarms due to land shortage, and...
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    In-Game Event Ideas

    In-Game Events are fun. They get the community talking and act as an incentive to log in. They can break up the monotony of your daily grind and can lead to more interaction among players. The best events are active events that involve the player performing some sort of action, and give a reward...
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    An FAQ for New Player's to ArcheRage

    Is this server populated? Very much so and it's a lot of fun! The player base is from all over so there are usually people on at any time of day, but it's busiest in the evening NA time. Why can't I use my labor? You can't craft/gather/farm until level 52. You can open coin purses, bait fish...
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    Can we get the Solar 8x8 in the Store Please

    While it's possible to get a 16 fairly cheaply these days, it's much more difficult to get land in desirable locations for pack stacking. 8x8's and Storage Silo's are one option, but it would be very convenient if we could get the solar scarecrow garden 8x8's in the cash shop <3
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    Can We Get the Maid Costume before Christmas

    It'd make such a perfect Christmas Present <3
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    When Does The Two Crowns portion of Hallowtide take place

    We have 3 more days to get our Hallowtide tokens. When exactly are the Two Crowns portions of the event taking place?
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    Are We Allowed to use Alt Characters for Gilda?

    Are we allowed to use Alt-characters (one account) to do the Story quests for Gilda stars?
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    Mining Bots at Halo Hollow in Solis Headlands

    If GM could get a chance to check, there are mining bots at Halo Hollow mine in Solis Headlands