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  1. Kaddaj

    After all these hacks is it still possible to be competitive

    Hi guys just to be clear " IM NOT SAYING THE SERVER IS DEAD OR ANYTHING" But i keep wondering after all those hacks,land grabers and stuff is it still viable to be competitive? I know the p2w player have a lot of gear ahead, but it still viable to keep going for greater gear after all those...
  2. Kaddaj

    Armor Guide

    I only played for like 5 month helped me a lot to understand armors on this game A complete guide before 3.0 Special Thanks to:Khotorix the owner of the Channel and the video not posting about archeage anymore but check him out. Netch...
  3. Kaddaj

    Missing Packs

    So yesterday 20 november. 11/20/2017 I delivered about 3-4 freighters of pack with another pack in my back has been more then 26 hours and still Nothing Character Name: Tadakatsu,Harania
  4. Kaddaj

    Event for old itens and cosmetics

    So guys how about ask ms. IronLady and Sparkle for some events or some way to get some itens and comestics from older patches of the game.. Idk if that is possible but that Sloth Glider,Duelist set red version and stuff like that what u guys think??
  5. Kaddaj

    Pvp tank/dps

    So i was wondering if Abolisher or Pally are still viable on 2.9. Having serious problems dealing with mages as Abolisher....I may be a noob with the class any tips if im doing it wrong or is just normal to have troubles with against mages?
  6. Kaddaj

    News on the 3.0?

    Just asking Heard people talking about the launch of 3.0? Fake news? no idea or it's just rumor
  7. Kaddaj

    My problem with people asking for free land instead of “working” for it.

    I apologize in advance for the terrible English. It's not my native language. Well, after reading a post well explanatory about lack o lands for players I see a few GREAT PROBLEMS with a solution requested by the post 1st: Land limit: I farm my Aging for Ladder of Cheese so 3 spots will not...
  8. Kaddaj


    Found a dumb.... Selling gold on the server I'm sorry I did not find the correct session to report this.
  9. Kaddaj

    Guide for Weapons?

    Hi im kinda new on archeage and the infos i can find are realy new or just too old to be reliable can i please get a link or guide do weapons?
  10. Kaddaj

    More then one stance

    Hey guys i was wondering if we have a way to open more then one stance of the game?? Like 2 accounts in 2 gaming window.