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  1. IronLady

    Staff update

    We'd like to inform that Ryuzaki no longer holds the position of the Moderator. Please address all your questions to other Forum staff members. We wanna thank Ryuzaki for his contribution into the Forum and game events. It was a pleasure to work together.
  2. IronLady

    Server restart 7 am 2/7 --> time moved to 9 am

    Technical server restart at 7 am 02/07! Duration time 30 minutes. Updates: - In-game boutique update; - DGS reward changed back to 3k gold per each
  3. IronLady

    Staff update

    All, Today we have welcomed a new team member - Forum moderator Ariess! @Ariess our team is very happy to have you. We hope you will have an amazing time working with us.
  4. IronLady

    [Game Event] Forgotten Ones' Wish Event

    Forgotten Ones' Wish Event (October, 2nd - October, 16th, 2018) (June, 20th - July, 6th, 2018) (September, 10th - September, 23rd, 2019) In order to receive Forgotten Adventurer Letter press a functional button in the bottom left corner. Use it in order to get a task 'Letter to a Forgotten...
  5. IronLady

    Server restart 7 am 01/15

    Technical Server restart at 7 am 01/15! Duration time 30 minutes. - In-game boutique update; - Forgotten Ones' Wish Event - from January 15 till January 29 (once per day); - Arbor Day Flash Event - January 16 and January 19;
  6. IronLady

    Staff update

    With the regret we informing you that Justice has resigned from the position of Forum Moderator due to personal reasons. @Justice once again we'd like to thank you for the hard work you did! It was trully a pleasure to work with you.
  7. IronLady

    Server restart 7 am 01/08

    Technical Server restart at 7 am 01/08! Duration time 30 minutes.
  8. IronLady

    [Forum Event] A Christmas Tree contest!

    Dear all! The symbol of the winter, Christmas and New Year, green and tall, the Christmas tree! There are so many ways to decorate it! Did you choose yours one? For this contest, you will need to post 2 images: I. An image of the most weirdly decorated Christmas tree you’ve seen this year! Put...
  9. IronLady

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Friends! May this festive season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round. Merry Christmas! ArcheRage Team
  10. IronLady

    [Forum Event] The Battle of Ugly Sweaters!

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is Coming! And it's time to have some fun! Starting TODAY and ending on the 24th of December, is the 4 days of UGLY SWEATERS Costume Contest! We’d like to see your finest ugly Christmas sweaters. Just post a picture of yourself wearing one with a...
  11. IronLady

    Server update 7am 12/15

    Server restart at 7 am! Duration time 30 minutes. Update: - Lucky Sunpoint, Lucky Moonpoint and Lucky Starpoint were added to the loot from Morpheus, Glenn, Anthalon, Kraken, Red Dragon. - Great news - Winter Maiden Festival is coming! It begins on Dec 21st till January 8th. Soon we will post...
  12. IronLady

    Staff update

    Dear Friends! As many of you have already noticed we have a new member joined our ArcheRage Administration Team! Welcome @LightSeeker! May your journey to the wonderful ArcheRage world be a pleasant one!
  13. IronLady

    Contact Moderators - new forum!

    Friends, The ArcheRage Administration has introduced new Forum under ArcheRage World section. This forum is aimed to decrease a responce time on some urgent cases. Take few minutes and check it out:
  14. IronLady

    Server restart 7am 12/07

    Server restart at 7 am! Duration time 60 minutes. Updates: - Server performance has been improved; actions processing is 2 times faster now; - Anti-Cheat performance has been improved for overloaded PCs; anti-cheat intrusion will give less bans; - Anti-Cheat settings have been changed aiming...
  15. IronLady

    [Game Event] Arbor Day!

    Arbor Day Probably all of us heard about wonderful and outlandish forest creatures, which now and then net the travelers on the lonely paths. What if all of this was true? What if you’d met a lonely old man in the forest and he’d offered you a "magic sprout"? The one would be scared, ran away...
  16. IronLady

    Server restart 7am 11/30

    Server restart at 7 am! Duration time 40 minutes. Updates: 1. New event added: Arbor Day launch date/time 11/30/2017 & 12/03/2017 2. Lifetime of some game objects was corrected (e.g. Salvageable Shipwreck, Territory Statues, Housepets, other statues, etc.) 3. AntiCheat system update; 4. Few...
  17. IronLady

    Server restart 7am 11/24

    Friends, Server restart on 11/24/2017 at 7am Duration 1 hour 15 minutes In-game boutique updated (valid from 11/24) Anti-cheat system update Land claim period begins on upcoming Sunday Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Archerage Administration.
  18. IronLady

    FOV mod links

    Friends, I would like to ask those of you who are using Fov mod to post links of it in this thread. Thanks in advance.
  19. IronLady

    Staff updates

    Friends, This is a small announcement regarding the fact that @Ulfnaor has resigned from the staff position, so I'd like to ask y'all to stop adding him to PMs and snow him with various queries. For the sake of clarity @Krowley has been removed from the staff position some time ago...
  20. IronLady

    ShadowCard - New Donations Provider

    Hello guys! We have recently experienced some issues with PixelGameCard, so we had to find a different solution. We stumbled into ShadowCard which is a very secure and anonymity oriented provider that has some cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH) options available. ShadowCard only require...