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  1. HNIC_Steamroller

    can we talk about how one-dimensional the 5.0 update has made the game?

    Hiram, hiram, hiram. Everything is hiram-centric right now. The trade system that used to be a massive part of the game has been simplified such that there are only 3 intercontinental routes from each place. The oceans are dead. Very few people are fishing because larceny is so lucrative and...
  2. HNIC_Steamroller

    ArcheRage chat translator [UPDATED to GA Release v1.2 on 14 August 2020]

    Howdy folks, I put this together for myself but a bunch of people were interested in it so I decided to post it publicly. It's a program that reads the C:/ArcheRage/Documents/Chat.log file and runs the most recent lines through google translate's API and attempts to translate them into...
  3. HNIC_Steamroller

    4.7 global update bugs

    Hey staff, Thanks for getting the 4.7 update out so quickly and for all the custom changes made to it. That being said, there are a handful of bugs that you may or may not be aware of, and I think getting them all listed out here is probably a good first step. - Switching characters by going...
  4. HNIC_Steamroller

    2 suggestions: New skillsavers, Lower-tier tempers

    1) Can we get additional hotbars with the new skillsavers? I feel totally bamboozled because I spent 1850g to get an extra skillsaver but it doesn't give me another hotbar selection to set up keybinds. That's half the point of a skillsaver. 2) Since the old armor/weapon tempers are always...
  5. HNIC_Steamroller

    prime tempers?

    can we get another source of prime weapon and armor tempers added to the game? add them to ancestor's purses as a rare drop? maybe put them in the next rng box? they're super scarce and really expensive right now, and I don't remember them ever having been so high. this was done with lunarite...
  6. HNIC_Steamroller

    exploiter caught?

    Not really sure where to post this, but I found an illegal coral farm near Aegis when I was doing my diving daily the other day. Game mechanics do not allow planting coral outside of farms, but somehow this guy managed to do it.
  7. HNIC_Steamroller

    Loyalty token change

    The loyalty tokens currently provided by the button at the bottom left corner of the screen don't auto-use like the ones rewarded by various activities. That means that each time I click the button, I have to right-click those loyalty tokens three times to add them to my balance. Can they be...
  8. HNIC_Steamroller

    Infamy changes?

    As of the server restart this morning, infamy points gained for committing a crime have been increased 5x. I suspect this is a bug. If it was done deliberately, I can't find a place where it was announced. I wholly disagree with this change as it discourages pvp.