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    The server has been down for hours

    It'd help a lot to know if and when the server will be back.
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    <Poseidons Disciples> West

    Fun, helpful, pro-faction, naval focused guild, is accepting new members for exciting naval adventures. We do stuff together. For more information contact Sjinderson, Emrald, or Ilrollzll in game. Taking the seas for the West! We are growing fast, but are still taking new members. We have...
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    Settings not saving bug

    I'm not finding a thread on this, though I'm sure there is one somewhere. My chat and screen settings aren't saving. Every time I switch between characters on my account, or start the game, I have to redo everything. What's the fix for this?
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    Can't login?

    Is the server down? I don't see other messages about this. I was on an alt on my only acct trying to level it by fishing and I got dc/d. The first time it said something about duplicate logins, but now it just says I can't login and to check for recent alerts. I see nothing on the forums.
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    My husband wants to play, but

    He is being blocked because I'm on. Can you please do whatever you have to do so we can both play? Thanks
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    Certing p2w treehouses

    I can find no way to cert a p2w treehouse, yet some folks in faction chat insist it's possible. Seems hinky to me. Is there a legit way to do it?
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    Looking for East PvPers

    We are looking for a few more East PvPers to form a tight core. We are East, but preparing to go Pirate. We are all at about 4K right now, and dedicated to gearing up properly. Contact Kathrann in game if you are interested.
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    Is there a way to change a guild name?

    We keep thinking of better names for our guild. :)
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    Login issues

    When I try to login I get the grey concept art pictures. I've tried repairing. I've tried restarting my computer. I've tried not hitting esc to get out of the credit screens. My friend is also telling me in Discord that he was having major lag in the Arena, 1:1
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    Day 9, supplies running low....

    My credit card is itchy, my supplies are low, there are things I need that can only be bought with credits....::wringing my hands::, what will we do? My stipend runs out in five days! If this goes on much longer can some things be moved to the vocation or honor shops or something so we can get...
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    Lots of dc's

    I'm getting dc'd at random times, maybe 5-7 times a day. Not good during a trade run!