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  1. Thriem

    Seabreeze compass/telescope design

    WTB Seabreeze compass/telescope design. Also WTB epic obsidian cloth (Head and Gloves) Message or mail me in game IGN: Threeve
  2. Thriem

    Login failed

    the server seems up so I am not sure on what the problem is but when I get to select server and press connect I get a "Login failed. Check for messages or alerts" I log in daily and my password is correct so I am unsure what the issue may be
  3. Thriem

    Archerage tyvm

    I am so excited about being apart of this community! It has been a month and a few weeks and the Archrage team has been some of the best most helpful i have had delt with in any mmo. Including all the big name AAA they have been on par w/ response time and customer care with the likes of...