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    Gendgi is 100% correct! I fall into the 99% category but have no problem helping someone without getting something for it.
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    Trixiy is correct about having a thick skin when it comes to the in game community. AA has always been a breeding ground for this because of the competitive nature of the game and different personality types that take part in it. In my opinion the most toxic times are when things are competitive...
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    Seabreeze compass/telescope design

    WTB Seabreeze compass/telescope design. Also WTB epic obsidian cloth (Head and Gloves) Message or mail me in game IGN: Threeve
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    [Forum Event] Thanksgiving Week!

    I am thankful for ING Tony because he has given so much to our Guild I am thankful for ING Yolodwarf because he has donated so much to our Guild and he makes me laugh with the things he says I am thankful for ING Bronwynn for helping me learn more about my class I am thankful for ING Dahmer, Dr...
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    Server restarting?

    ok that make smore sense, my apologies =)
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    Kadum's bark isn't really harder to get and is much cheaper 400-500g current AH price and takes less compared to Wrathsmite's . It seems only a few of us clear mistsong hard mode while MM/Kadum is done by everyone daily. Yes (10) is correct, I missed that typo
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    Server restarting?

    If you came to this thread you have an idea the server is being worked on. I mean stuff happens and things sometimes don't work as planned. So posting a pic with "WTF" would imply that you have just now discovered this problem and by chance replied here to complain/report this issue. I am...
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    I have a question regarding the amount of Wrathsmite's (30) for T7 weapon crafting . Would you consider lowering the amount needed the same way Sunridge ingots were for 4.0 from 12 to 10 be possible? If I remember right I think that may happen in later patches but I may be wrong.Thoughts?
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    New Player Guides!

    Great guide for new players! Easy to follow step by step directions on some of the fine points that are not generally covered that most of us learned as we played. Keep up the good work, this will 100% help new players to Archerage
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    Server restarting?

    thank you
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    Appreciation Gifts for Active players!

    Thank you for the free gift, looking forward to see what I receive =)
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    ArcheRage 4.0: Global 4.0 Custom Update; Pumpkin Bash mini-event start & Bonuses for active, new and returning players!

    Beerson is 100% correct. I don't disagree with the pack but it is much better than the previous one. The difference between T4 and T5 is a good one because it requires boss mats that cost a fair amount of gold where T4 only requires some library grinding that most can do solo. At the end of the...
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    Login failed

    the server seems up so I am not sure on what the problem is but when I get to select server and press connect I get a "Login failed. Check for messages or alerts" I log in daily and my password is correct so I am unsure what the issue may be
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    Congratulations to HCIC and the West Faction! New server first?

    I enjoy the back and forth of chat PvP but tbh I think more thought could have been put into this. I mean this isn't the worst siege by any means considering it was never taken seriously by HCIC but makes UWU appear as "tryhards" that put significant effort into it. Now tbf it was for good...
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    ArcheRage 3.5 Global Update (Custom version): Launch time info

    Nice work Archerage team! Thank you again for everything you have done to get us here =)
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    Login servers down ?

    Like @Epic when I first saw prompt i got worried. I first thought it was account hacked ...Yikes! Glad to see it is just a server log in issue
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    [Forum Event] Fashion Week - category "The Prettiest"

    Stunning!!!! Great job! =)
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    Weekend server crash round #2 ...FIGHT

    Thank you @Sparkle
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    Weekend server crash round #2 ...FIGHT

    You know what sounds like a good time!? Lets mob it up!!!! Pitch forks and torches while all shouting "Rabble Rabble Rabble"! Lets find these DDOS attackers and show em what we do to people that attack our game! Only choice is and we can put it to a poll #1 Jail time #2 nothing and walk away...