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  1. Caniisu

    [Forum Event] Me and My Buddies!

    IGN: Bystander Pet: Polaris Ursun- Dabai Mount: Emberpaw Panther PS. Dabai almost dislocated his arms and Panther is a bad singer
  2. Caniisu

    [Forum Event] Summertime Madness (handmade contest)

    I wish I had more time to redo the Cowmaid but It's my fault for being lazy IGN: Bystander
  3. Caniisu

    Happy Easter! + Easter Randomizer

    IGN: Bystander
  4. Caniisu

    Happy Easter! + Easter Randomizer

    Happy Easter! Lots of food, time to relax and high regarding chance.
  5. Caniisu

    [Forum Event] ArcheRage Soul

    IGN: Bystander Since I like fantasy I imagined a real soul govering over Archerage. Out of boredom playes tricks on the habitants by rewriting the rules of the world. Doesn't take sides but is weak to shiny things, so sometimes takes them as offering, in return offering a blessing of success.
  6. Caniisu

    [Forum Event] ArcheRage fans club

    ArcheRage is a game that tests your patience and luck. IGN: Bystander
  7. Caniisu

    [Forum Event] ArcheRage fans club

    IGN: Bystander Guild name: XXX Description: eXtraordinary, noXious, seXy, loyal, free