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    Congratulations to HCIC and the West Faction! New server first?

    Your performance at the siege on uwu's castle in Marcala was excellent, and if I'm not mistaken your guild has become the FIRST guild in server history that has failed to take a Divine Refuge castle!
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    WTB Ayanad Wave Sash

    Preferably below celestial grade
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    Complex Processing Shelf - Additional Recipes

    Hi, I'd like to propose additional recipes being added to the workbench "Complex Processing Shelf" which I think would be a nice quality of life addition: Metalwork: Speed Crafting x100 Sturdy Ingot: Ultrafast Batch Processing Copper Ingot: Ultrafast Batch Processing Silver Ingot: Ultrafast...
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    Batta's Spirit

    Why would you put the best title in the game behind a boss that can be zerged in a few seconds by a raid? The boss, which has 1.1 million hp and no mechanics other than that which is negated by Nui's Charm, is hardly worthy of bestowing the 'Champion of Auroria' title. Every other boss in...
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    Guild Supplies Distribution quest

    As of right now, the guild supplies distribution quest is pretty sucky. If you feel like purchasing a few prestige through it you have to spam F for several minutes at a time. I know not many people probably even do this quest because it's a gold sink, but I wanted to propose it be changed by...
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    Custom 3D Models via Community Creation Contests

    Now that the server has it's first custom event, the Hasla Zombie Apocalypse, it'd be nice to see some custom models as well AFTER the event has been appropriately balanced and adjusted. But @Sparkle has previously said that the dev team does not have a 3D Designer, as you can see in this post...
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    Allowing more variety in vehicle names

    As of right now boats and vehicles have really restricting rules on their names, we're restricted to one capital letter (the first letter of the name) and no numbers or spaces or special characters. I personally think that we should be allowed to name our boats and vehicles with names that have...