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  1. gwabun

    [Forum Event] Mr & Ms(Mrs) AR Summer

    [ING] Chaerin & [ING] Chwihan ♡ "So, our first meeting. That was kind of a funny story. So, I went as usual to the beach at Blueglass with my friends. I sat down and drank a good cold beer. It was afternoon and a lot of people started getting there to go swimming, to build some sandcastles...
  2. gwabun

    [Forum Event] Summer in ArcheRage II

    I had so much fun doing this, haha! :D (I wrote everything myself, if you can't read a word or find some mistakes I'm really sorry. xD) [ING] Chwihan
  3. gwabun

    [Forum Event] Summer in ArcheRage I

    My Entry: I've no idea how many hours it took me to finish but it was quiet a lot. xD (I tried to draw me and my friends, while we're sailing a speedboat over the ocean to discover some places. :D) Good Luck to everyone who wants to participate! :)
  4. gwabun

    [Forum Event] Handmade ArcheRage!

    this are my entries for the contest, good luck to everyone! :D 1. Entry That was my first time using frosting and it was the last time. xD (It is a yata cake) 2. Entry I tried to draw my character. :)