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  1. Kamikage

    Aqua farm/bungalow seed beds

    I like the idea. If it could be on bungalows, that would be great. As a furniture item it misses the point as farm is extensively an open seedbed. Like there are no seedbeds for terrestrial farms. I would however suggest having coral bundles.... but I don't think it will receive a positive...
  2. Kamikage

    4.5 Stat Changes

    I agree with what @trapwhre02 and @Thinking said earlier. The stat changes are a welcome decision. There are really very few class that get affected or useless due to it. Darkrunner has been a dominating class for a long time now and some changes are needed to ensure the meta is dynamically...
  3. Kamikage

    4.5 hiram

    With the support packs being handed out, new players need not go through the trouble of farming a nerfed Hiram. They can put it off and play other content. Obsidian and crafted gear stays as is, so high GS people need not bully those farming Hiram cuz they are not going to loose Obsidian and its...
  4. Kamikage

    4.5 hiram

    So does anyone have a problem if Hiram is nerfed say 10%? Obsidian is left untouched in all future patches? And Erenor nerf is reduced in future patches? If Obsidian isn't changed, I doubt Hiram will have opposition. People will have a choice to which route to go. Those who worked on their...
  5. Kamikage

    Dungeon gear recipes missing

    If u are speaking of armor, then yes the 'regrading' recipe is removed.
  6. Kamikage

    Dark Warrior Guards/ Shadow warrior Guards

    Also can u add the recipe of the charm to the folio and not just its crafting info? Since you are not planning on reverting to 3.5 part of the crafting. It really is confusing without having a preview of the materials. Edit: The request is regarding the material needed to craft the lower gears...
  7. Kamikage

    [Forum Event] Thanksgiving Week!

    Don't forget to mention your IGN.
  8. Kamikage

    [Forum Event] Thanksgiving Week!

    IGN: Kamikage 1. Thank you Necrote for introducing me to this wonderful game. Without you I would have missed this good thing here. 2. Thank you Overkill and Lucidor for helping me during the start of the game and making me comfortable to the game. 3. Thank you Ragequit for accepting me into the...
  9. Kamikage

    Merit badges

    Also how can a new player earn his ayanad cloak with so limited ways of earning merits?
  10. Kamikage

    [Forum Event] Anniversary Randomizer

    #29 IGN: Kamikage Happy Birthday ArcheRage. Keep growing strong every passing year
  11. Kamikage

    [Naval Arena] Violent Maelstrom (updated)

    @Sparkle Thanks for the replies. I am sure you guys would solve the bugs. :)
  12. Kamikage

    [Naval Arena] Violent Maelstrom (updated)

    @Vexaro @Aviendha The mount must really be the case, I never realised that. Also about the weapon disappearing is mainly with mines and am closer but not near the base as I am usually setting up mines some place.
  13. Kamikage

    [Naval Arena] Violent Maelstrom (updated)

    The fourth point rarely happens but I have observed I loose skills I picked near base before the countdown,within 5 seconds after match start. I usually have to go back and take another skill. Also many a times the whole team does not show up on the map. The number of raid members vary from...
  14. Kamikage

    [Naval Arena] Violent Maelstrom (updated)

    Boat spawns facing base in red team while it faces away in blue team. Also the first image has boat on 'land' part of base but sometimes it spawns so far one has to swim in open waters which kills them instantly.
  15. Kamikage

    A good build for lvling a Battlerage DPS ?

    You can build a paladin(Battlerage,Defense,Vitalism). Is a tanky class if you invest properly in defense skillset. For times when you are low on HP you can heal yourself while also having albeit low dps from battlerage. Would recommend starting out with auroria club and shield and replacing club...
  16. Kamikage

    Server updates 7/30: Poseidon Shroudlight & Sheet Music changes, as well as other updates!

    Thanks for fixing the "New Horizons" quest.
  17. Kamikage

    [Naval Arena] Violent Maelstrom (updated)

    First of all love the improvement in the naval arena. I might be late in pointing this out but arena has a lot of bugs. 1)At first I thought it must be the ping and my potato computer at fault for spawning me under the arena, but recently have seen few of my raid members also end up under the...
  18. Kamikage

    Boss Taming

    Someone might have killed it. Here are the respawn times of bosses
  19. Kamikage

    Boss Taming this should help