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    [Game Event] Raging Tanks

    If you are the one who loves competitions, battles, driving and just having fun - this event is for you. Event format: battles on the ironclads; deathmatch, team-battles. Event date/time: February, 3rd (Mon) at 6 pm server time. This event manager and main judge: Ariess. Event location: Red...
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    The gods have disconnected you, message all the time

    "The gods have disconnected you" error is your connection issue. Can be some connection drops on the provider side. Usually they are temporary, so you may wait for some time and try again later.
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    Technical server restart at 6 am 1/24!

    Technical server restart at 6 am 1/24! Dear ArcheRagers! Server will be off for restart on 1/24 at 6 am. This is a Technical restart meant to fix a cheat detected. Cheat allows its user to start trial on him even without crimes. Thus, it results in simply spamming the courts and interfering...
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    Autumn Lore Festival

    You are right. There are some duplicates there instead. Will be fixed with the next update.
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    [Forum Event] First DJs Contest

    Winner will be announced within 24 hours, as soon as all the votes are checked.
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    Serp guard change.

    One of the rare cases when players agreed on something. Changes will be applied with the next server restart. The details of the new crafts will be posted in the update thread prior the next update.
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    Trial Time Changes

    Please be more specific in your poll so players would understand what change they are exactly voting for.
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    Trial times.

    Such change can't be made per only a few players request as trial is also a part of the role play. Also, players always have a choice - trial or plead guilty. Pleading guilty will safe your time if you don't want to risk. If you choose trial you need to expect it may take long. But if a large...
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    Aqua farm/bungalow seed beds

    Aqua farm/bungalow seed beds will require different models that we don't have as well as don't have a technical possibility to create such that would look and work properly for the water properties.
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    [Game Mini-Event] Yata or Greenman?

    They reset every server restart, then at the end of event we sum up all the results.
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    Server updates 1/21: Plushie Hat Prize Egg craft return, additional options in the Raid Finder and other updates!

    Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you. To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 1/21 at 6 am. Duration time - 40 minutes. List of updates: Plushie Hat Prize Egg is added to the folio and craft workbench. The following options are...
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    Aqua farm/bungalow seed beds

    Currently we don't have available models for such an update, so it's not something that can be done by us any time soon.
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    In-game boutique

    Loyalty shop update (1/21) Removed items: Denim Mecha Coveralls; Mirage Bjorne Added items: Shock Conqueror Plate Shayeera Merit shop update (1/21) Removed items: Kyprosa's Winter Furs; Sheepie Added items: Hellhound Immortal Guardian's Robes
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    In-game boutique

    1/21 - 1/28 EX-1 Mechanic Supply Chest: Superior Fireglow Lunarite Superior Waveglow Lunarite Honorable Victory Rank 5 Blue Regrade Charm Green Regrade Charm Vocation Hastener Scroll Combat Scrolls: Attack Lucky Quicksilver Tonic Clear Synthium Shard Sunlight Archeum Crystal Moonlight Archeum...
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    Treasure map bug

    We looked into it to confirm that is not a server bug. That is a client side bug that can rarely happen.
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    [Forum Event] First DJs Contest

    You can start voting for the playlist you liked the most and want to see in game. You can select up to 3 playlists you liked! Poll will be closed in 72 hours.
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    Will not be possible for these pets. Looked into it, currently you can have up to 10 favorites. We will soon add the way to extend it several times.
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    [Game Event] Ancient Treasures Mystery

    Event will start on February, 1st (Sat) at 4 PM server time. Registration deadline - January, 30th (Thu). @Unscrupulous; @Sephrix and @Elohel, please confirm your teams participation. You can change the teams participants until the deadline.
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    Do You Want Patch 4.5?

    As we confirmed earlier, server will keep updating and we'll have the next global update here, however, with the custom changes. There were a few suggestions provided by the players in public threads as well as private messages regarding the changes they are interested/not interested to see...
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    Custom events in raid finder.

    We can add something like that, for the temp events.