1. Expery

    Fishing is dead

    I send one ticket for the staff in sugestion.. and go share with you guys for take your opnion too... Ticket № 1602147001 " The fishing in 3.5 version is very very very very horrible.. in actually server the 2 uniques mode for farm gold is Coinpurse (Aegis/Whale) and Trade pack.. i'm ex...
  2. Eyrien

    <Última Legión> [NA/EU] [Nuia][Hispanohablante!]

    <Última Legión>[NA/EU] Guild hispanohablante de lvl 7, no pk (atacamos a guilds pks). Reclutamos gente activa y con discord para divertirnos y jugar juntos, no importa tu GS, te ayudaremos siempre que podamos. Hacemos PvP, PvE, trades, pesca... de todo! Somos una guild amigable, en la...
  3. zoldekgr

    New intro for archerage HOT

    ▶ « Arche Rage Intro » ◀ I did create a small intro for my next video for ArcheRage i hope you guys like it ⏎ ♪♫*•♪♪♫*•♪♪♫*•♪♪♫*•♪ █████████████████████████████ █▀░░░░░░░░▀████████▀▀░░░░░░░▀█ █▀░░░░░░░░░░░░▀████▀░░░░░░░░░░░░▀█ █▀░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀█...
  4. Chicken

    Reducing 22 hour wait time on packs?

    I understand that immediately getting money from the packs is absolutely ridiculous, but what about if we just reduced the time? I feel like 22 hours is a bit long. Now I know there's going to be people saying why, I am saying why not? 12 hours would work as well or even 8, lets make a debate...
  5. Kirishima

    How to?

  6. N

    Hello Archeage!

    Hi! I've played on live servers for a long time, but when 3.0 hits I left the game, now i'm going to start playing on this server, but o want to know: How the factions are going? Which guilds are "rullin" on server and which faction they they are? Which faction is more active? And the...
  7. T

    Creating ArcheRage "Opinion Piece" Need your help!

    I'm working on a video covering ArcheRage, whether or not it's worth playing on, pros and cons, hopes for the future, and more. I want to see what other players think about the state of the server and its community.
  8. Jessica Baker

    Jesswii's Artdump

    Been wanting to start my own dump thread. I've been drawing since 2007, but still learning. I've got a new Imgur for posting my recent art. Please find it here: Message me on discord for questions: Jesswii#6568 Tools of the trade: Wacom Bamboo Tablet Model...
  9. gnosislandscape

    Stuck Download updates and unpacking files in client

    I've got a huge problem where I can't download the updates, actually it's downloading but at byte speed, meanwhile I can download any file in 2 MB/s, also at certain point the download speed indicates minus (-) just like -2109 byte, it's REDUCE my DOWNLOADED file BY THAT AMOUNT!! and the...
  10. chantress

    Should the devs mirror trion with a sub / f2p?

    I was chatting to some ppl on live that have played this server, but have gone back to retail. The main reason was hackers and they didnt want to put a lot of time into this server and have it shut down. A lot also said if they made it have a fair sub, with cosmetics and the odd non p2w items...
  11. Trylissia

    Thank You ArcheRage Team!!

    With so many threads titled "Donation Mishap Ruining Server" or "This Server is Ruined, I'm Leaving :WAH:", I wanted to take a moment to counteract with some positivity. ^^ Thank you so much to the entire ArcheRage server team. You guys are awesome! This server has been a heck of a lot of fun...
  12. Epic

    ArcheRage Giveaway! ($10 Pixel Game Card Code)

    Hey guys! I use to stream ArcheAge, seeing that we can't stream private servers on Twitch, I thought I would do a fun little giveaway to promote my newly made YouTube channel where I will be streaming ArcheRage. Enter for a chance to win a $10 Pixel Game Card code to use towards ArcheRage...
  13. GOD

    <MACACOS> Recrutamento BR/PT

    Olá arrombados <MACACOS> Recrutando idiotas Para se juntar a nós adicione rhasq#3461 no Discord Você precisa ser um macaco ativo Discord: rhasq#3461 Todos os macacos são bem-vindos!
  14. dan456

    Win or Lose we Booze [West] [Casual] [Discord] [Alcohol]

    Welcome to Win or Lose we Booze We Grind Archeage like a stripper with a $50 on stage Our Motto is DRINK. And have Fun! Always looking for like minded adults who wanna hang out, and enjoy a drink on discord. If that sounds like your kind of guild come join us! We take all levels! We troll, have...