1. Ryuki

    Riceball's Fan Art

    Hi there just wanted to make a post for a friend who makes art for commission! Explore my work and send any requests too = T_T_T_T#6845 Or just drop your IGN below, can work out calculations on time and quality of requests~~ Thank you <3 Have linked pictures as examples: Business Card...
  2. Diarmada

    Detailed Character Art Comissions

    Hi! I'm taking detailed character art Comissions for in-game items. I'm pushing myself to improve and practice, and since I want to improve on humanoid beings, I will push myself towards achieving that. I am unsure of prices for the time being but I'd like to see people offer. Each piece takes...
  3. Jessica Baker

    Jesswii's Artdump

    Been wanting to start my own dump thread. I've been drawing since 2007, but still learning. I've got a new Imgur for posting my recent art. Please find it here: Message me on discord for questions: Jesswii#6568 Tools of the trade: Wacom Bamboo Tablet Model...