1. TripleDip

    Rebalance Auroria mobs

    So I wanted to bring an issue to light that seems to be swept under the rug. Remove the immune armor from ehm mobs, and do a minor buff to auroria mobs for honor like they used to have. My reason for this is that this server has prided itself before on higher loot rates...
  2. Vatican

    Vatican's ArcheRage Service Shop

    Vatican's ArcheRage Service Shop Eastern Haram Farming Service (EHM) and/or Western Haram Farming Service (WHM) What: Eastern Haram farming service to farm Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls, Infusions, and Coinpurses/Crates. What: Western Haram farming service to farm Radiant Hiram Awakening...
  3. oleovinicius

    I cant Farming

    Hello everybody my name is Leo, i recentyl beggining to playing in archerage, i love this game. I play archeage for three years. My problem is in the faming, I have tried to plant, to derive trees, to mine, to fish, but nothing works and shows this message. But as you can see I am level...
  4. Raistlin

    Reducing GCD on Single Planting

    Hello The labor upkeep is simply amasing and we are enjoying the benefits. But ,for tasks like farming, gathering, even husbandry you still need ALOT of time to spend your labor, more than many are comfortable with, and GCD that prevents you from planting one item after another is way too long...
  5. ManaMekeno

    Farming & Trading Guild

    I cant find a active guild that dose a lot of farming & trading so I was thinking about making one, would any of you be interested? (Haranya. East) If you are leave a reply.