1. Kaivaz

    So I reached max. level.... now what?

    I recently reached max level after going through most quests. At this point I feel kinda lost. What should I do next? In general I wonder about the following things: 1.) How should I make money efficently? I assume there is a lot of ways to approach this, but let's say I want to make a lot of...
  2. Bardregan

    [WIP] ArcheRage Obsidian Gear guide!

    Hello fellow ArcheRager's! I wanted to work on this guide because I find a lot of people getting lost when working on their gear as some are returning from live after years away, or they're brand new to the game, so this is my attempt at guiding people in the right direction. It's still a long...
  3. Jessica Baker

    In-Depth Donation Guide for Archex

    Just a note: Some of my friends and new guild members read the original guide and were a bit confused on the directions, so I decided to create a new guide that would have more detailed instructions on getting their credits rather than having to explain the process multiple times. 'idk So here...
  4. Kirishima

    How to?

  5. Epic

    Anchoring Charm (No Break Charm) Guide!

    Hey guys! So a few people in my guild asked me how the Anchoring Charms work and how to make one, seeing that there are quite a few new players on this server and or quit before patch 3.0. I thought I would make a guide on how to make one! I hope this is useful! Introduction To start off...
  6. Ishida

    Guild Creation Guide

    The guild is one of the highlights of any MMORPG game where players meet the philosophy of their guild. Make friends, intrigue, fun, affection, etc. It is where the high point of cooperation happens in the games. However, always try to get to know the leaders of your guild as much as possible so...
  7. prego_kamata

    Guide for beginners West 2/18/2018

    1 sell Loyalty 100 loyaly=1000g and u will be able to afford one 16x house depending on the zone now days 02/18/2018 the price of 1> 16x16 is between 1000 to 1500 in the western continent depending on the zone although if i was starting to play on the server today , i will spend the...
  8. J

    Cleric Build suggestions?

    Hey, So i've played archeage a fair amount, but was always melee, shadowblade or DR or abolisher, or something like that. Never played a healer, would love a build or some advice on how to play? It always seems to be needed so i'd like to give it a try. I assume it'll be used in both pve and...
  9. Raistlin

    Land Trades, Guides and Services

    I've made extensive effort to do this, hope you find it usefull.
  10. Raistlin

    Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services

    Hello, and Welcome You can contact me on IGN " Rai " __________________________________________ Joining this game for many means owning and utilising their land, which is a valuable part of gameplay and very rare example of advanced open world housing in mmorpg world. There have been many...
  11. Raistlin

    Efficient Planting and Placement Guide - ( Contest )

    ___________________________________ Welcome ___________________________________ This guide is for both new and seasoned players ,since abundant land placement patterns are hard to memorise ,feel free to explore the possibilities and calculations discovered by many players and implemented...
  12. Raistlin

    Leveling process in Archeage

    Hello It may be redundant but while im installing the game i might take some time to help out brand new players. I will not write down exact rules of what exactly you should be doing, mostly guidelines ,of what expects you. Things like that you could for example find...
  13. dan456

    fast level guide

    any tips on how to quickly level?